Communications Design - School/Program Advice Needed

Hello all,

This is my first post. I work in finance right now (6 years + BS in finance) and want to transition into the design field to pursue a career in communications design and/or design research. While I have a lot of the business/management/communication skills, I don’t have refreshed technical skills (in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) I have to stay in New York and have been exploring some Master degree programs. Here is what I have found to date:

  • NYU-Tisch: Interactive Telecommunications Program (MPS degree)
    NYU-School of Continuing Education: Graphic Communications Management and Technology (MA degree)
    Parsons: Graphic Design (AAS debree)
    Parsons: Communication & Technology (MS degree)
    Pratt: Communications Design (MS degree)

Which do you think would be the best program for me, given my background and what I want to do? I’m looking for a school and program that is reputable, has good resources (especially in career services when it comes to finding internships and a full time job) and a reputable and involved faculty.

I’m drawn to the Parsons AAS program because it seems geared towards people who are transitioning careers, but I don’t know much about the validity of an associate degree. Does anyone have any thoughts on this or the other porgrams? I don’t know any people in the industry, and while I’ve met with all the schools, I would really like an unbiased opinion. Thanks in advance!

MHDG, I would doubt that anyone would have the knowledge for a good answer. All I can say is that I have seen Pratt and checked out their curriculum. They seem to have the largest number of offerings for Communication Design. In addition, they have a real campus,unlike some buildings in Manhattan.

Finally, although I don’t normally put a lot of stock in rankings, Pratt was, at least a few years ago, higher ranked than Parsons for Graphic Design.