Commission - Start Up Weekend T-Shirt

I was recently commissioned by Start Up Weekend to design a t-shirt for their upcoming event: Mega Start Up Weekend at Demo, September 2011. Here are the fruits of my labor!

Concept: I wanted to incorporate the name in a creative way. I designed a “coin” to represent each word of the event. Some are easier to understand than others, but you get the idea! The back side will have 3 different “coins” each representing the three categories of the event, Education, Health, and Gaming. They will come in blue, red, green, and black, and the different colors will feature one of the three “coins”, while black will have all three. Whew! I think that’s about it! :wink:

I’m extremely excited to share my first (ever) commission, and I had a lot of fun in this process. Let me know what you folks think! I’ll update later, hopefully with a photo of the finished product.

Just updated my blog with pictures and a more in depth explanation of my ideation and methodology of this project. Includes pictures from the event as well! :wink:

Nice icons, I like the simplicity of it, was most of it done on Illustrator?

Thanks! And yep! All of it was done in Illustrator. :smiley: