Comments please on my sketching.

Hi there,
I have been sketching for a long time but not footwear. I have a passion for sneakers although ive never really sat down and drawn them for some reason so thought id give it a bash. Please let me know what you think, advice welcome.

Hey at the moment I’m concentrating on footwear as well. Drawing every day a couple hours. Personally, I like your work, you get the porportions right it’s one of the hard parts. Unfortunately I can’t tell much more, for that I’d like to know your process. I see you drew always the same type of shoe, from the same angle and always the right foot lol.

Also I would like to see some of your sketches with the guidlines if you have them, then I can tell what your intentions were etc.

And how did you do the overlays? In Illustrator or Photoshop? With a Wacom tablet or the mouse? With the path tool or other tools? I still struggle making a path in Illustrator.

The only thing I have noticed on your shoes is that the back is very high and that’s normally (on e.g. basketball shoes) not the case. Do you drew from references? I try to look at porportions etc. and then try from head.

Hope to see more! Keep it up!

Thank you for your comment. I have just started drawing footwear. I got a few images from the net of sneakers and used them as underlays. Hence the not very varied angles etc. But thats something I am going to work on. I understand that will give my sketch pages alot more dimention. I draw everyday but not just sneakers and I am building on the sneakers slowly. Hopefully be able to do more over the holiday period.

What do you mean guidlines for intentions?

The overlays were just handsketchs simple as that. I have not used photoshop etc on them, but this is something I will explore when I feel more confident drawing them. All I did was scan them in and post them on here as I drew them!

Oh I see your point about the back of the shoe, I will bare that in mind for the next batch.

Thank you… all comments welcome.

We in the same boat, I’ve just started drawing footwear as well. Today I drew as well just taking a break right now.

Well your lines where so clean and in black that I thought you did overlays of your sketches in PS or Illustrator. Here is an example of what I meant.

This is my 3rd render ever, and you can see I made an overlay of my sketch with the path tool in Photoshop. I still don’t know how to get rid of overlapping lines which you can see on the front of the shoe. As you can see my drawings are way more sketchy than yours, that’s why I was wondering how you did that.

With intentions I meant that I would like to see what your VERY FIRST scribbles and ideas were and if you just draw or if you construct the shoes with guidlines just like when you construct a car starting with a box etc.

And yeah I should draw more from pictures as well, to get the right proportions in my head forever lol. Footwear is definitely not easy but it’s always a challenge and fun to do.

If you want to have photos of shoes in perspective go to this site they have some good examples: EDIT: Ok I checked the site they’re not in perspective as well, I was a while ago on a site with nice photos in perspective, apparently wasn’t this one, gotta find the site which I mean :smiley:

What I also like to do is print out the photos and draw from seeing not just tracing that way you’re forced to concentrate on the proportions to get it right.