Comments/ opnions needed

Hello there guys/ girls, I’m Ryan a last semester senior at the College for Creative studies!

So this semester I am going to design an interior for the new Boeing 787-9 that creates or exemplifies an experience. This experience will be the experience of flight. This will remain very conceptual, so some safety issues may be obvious. Some of the inspirations I am pulling this from are some of the glass bottom boats and kayaks that you can buy. These boats/kayaks create an experience within an environment. You are kayaking, but you feel as if you are in the water looking at what’s below you, or to the side. This is the experience I want to create in an airplane. Instead of using glass, i would use technology like alienware and NEC’s new curved displays to display, in realtime, what you are actually flying over/past. These displays could be put all around the inner fuselage, or just on the floor. This would let passengers view what is actually outside. I am also considering reconfiguring the seating to give the feeling of flight. Another idea is to split up the area so that each section has a higher or lower degree of the experience of flight, meaning more or less real time screens surrounding passengers… I need some opinions of what you think of the overall idea as well as possibly some ideas on what to do with the passengers who dont want the experience of flight at all. Should I even include them?

Comments and suggestions are very welcome!!

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That is a pretty sweet idea. I would defiantly stick with the different sections though. Or have it where you can turn it on or off where you are seating.

With boats, the people want to and enjoy being on the water. Whereas people dont necessarily want to fly. It is just a way of transportation. Not to mention the fear of flying is pretty common. Seeing the how high you are underneath you might freak some people out. Also look into the durability of it. The floor of an airplane is a pretty high traffic area not to mention all of the luggage that gets scrapped all over it.

I wouldnt dismiss the idea but I would look more into how you can have it controlled by the user, depending on the likes/ dislikes of flying.

-Garret Miller
Savannah College of Art and Design

Hi Ryan,

I don’t know if this is helpful but here it goes:

I went to the Boeing CEC to check-out some of their mockups, and one of the things i remember from the presentation was this:
from their research, the best possible outcome for long distance travel would be to close your eyes, then open them and your in your destination. (it’s actually kind of possible, if you just fall asleep - hence the dreamliner) Its a beautiful thought from the experience point of view, especially when you consider all the BS and stress included in just getting on an airplane today. - they went on to explain that they couldn’t control what it was like before the person entered the plane, but they could anticipate the mood and needs of people in said mood. that mood being stressed, tired, pissed off about the idiot clerk at the desk, freaked out by security etc… They talked about shifting the mood with color… and making people more comfortable. (this is also a huge challenge when considering the interests of the airlines themselves…that is fitting in as many people in one plane as possible.) –

anyway i don’t know if anyhting i just rambled about will be helpfull but there you go. I don’t want to editorialize on your idea too much, becasue i think it’s good, who doesn’t want to fly? i think its a pretty human fantasy to want to fly. - hope it goes well.

My wife gets motion sick easily. Its a real drag for her…but something like this could be evil for her.

I would imagine she falls in the catagory of those who don’t want the experience.

I really like the idea.

Also could be a great idea to display images or videos on the train’s windows,for example Im talking about “London Underground”,I allways spend an average of 1h 30min every single day in a train,what could happen if could watch images inside the train from the places that you’re passing through,like travelling in a bus.

But imagine that you’re gonna travel from London to Sydney,24hrs flight,the flying experience could be great for a couple of hours but after that you’ll wish to close your eyes and landing as soon as possible.


I personally would love it. I rather look out the window than watch the way-too-close LCD screen on long flights.

for those people who are pacing, sweating, fidgeting, windows-closed (there are many of these people)- there would be some huge issues, like never flying on that airline again.

It’s a romantic concept, and quite nice. But maybe not for commercial airliners, or maybe it just needs tweaked.

Perhaps this could be a proposed concept for a corporate unveiling of a new model of jet for just the launch prototype/press release plane.

Perhaps these could be individual screens under each seat to be turned on or off, or virtual retina display so it is just seen by the person(s) who want the experience, or you could add this option to touristy flights that fly over islands, volcanoes, etc.

I like the idea a lot. I think I might rather look up than down… looking up could be kind of scary for people, but people are used to looking up at the sky outside and through skylights in buildings. It could be cool if those displays where aligned on the ceiling between the carry on cargo bins.

I think another area of opportunity is the seating. The seating is a cross between living room lounger and automotive. Is that the right mix? What about an upright hammock? What if you could semi stand like on some roller coasters?