Comments on SCAD, PRATT, UNIV OF ARTS .....etc

Hey everyone;

I am a prospective student from INDIA for a masters course in industrial design … i am a graduate in mechanical engineeering and hold a bachelors degree…i currently work at General Motors tech and design centre …i was a little late in applying and i have few choices …

They are : SCAD, Pratt, University of Arts, philadelphia,RIT …as all these schools have rolling admission ; but i think the fees are quite too much. I have little idea about these colleges and since i am to leave my job here in General Motors i am thinking twice about it .

guys and gals please advise me on the quality of the colleges and also let me know if i have a chance to enroll for this fall in any other college

Both advantages and disadvantages of the colleges …please let me know a sincere request put across


what type of design work do yuo want to do.

A search of any of these school names in the topic search will unearth a lot of information:

To know which school suits your needs go to their web sites and see the students work posted. by this you will get a fair idea about the school.

just a quick question

have you got admission in all the schools you have mentioned or is it that you are planning to apply next fall???

Yo ;

I basically want to do either transportation design or given a choice game design.
My interest leans more into cars and aircrafts , bikes …amphibious vehicles .but when i have to take my mind of these i keep sketching all kinds of aliens and monstrous and omni charecters which i find are realy cool.


I have not been accepted into any but the replies i have recieved are a positive one only from these colleges .I had applied to RISD, univ of cinncinati and also RCA in the UK but because of the expiry of the deadlines i was shown the door.

I will be getting a reply within a month or so they say as these are the only ones that have rolling admission…

YO ,Guest My sincere thanks for replying …

Keep the advice coming