Comments: May '04: The More The Merrier

Comment on The More The Merrier, by Steve Portigal

I thought the article was well written, intelligent and featured a healthy amount of additional material in the form of hyperlinks. I also agreed with it 100%, so I don’t have much to say about it.

The article was sincere, informative and provided some of the best links I’ve seen.
I enjoyed reading it.

The main theme surrounding the article seemed to be the idea of “cult”. Such enthusiasm for a product, artist or activity is the driving force of culture… and therefore marketing.

The value of “Participatory design” depends obviously on the participants.
The most obvious application is in making changes to existing products that have already provoked interest.

Do enthusiasts always make useful participants?

Enthusiasts tend to latch on to what they fell in love with (which is why they are enthusiastic). This makes it more difficult for a company to continue to evolve. There is a danger of mistaking enthusiasts for paying customers and making bad investments.

But what about those products that no one is enthusiastic about?
Was there much activity in dust bin design before Karim Rashid made it so fashionable? Does the resultant enthusiasm to “be a famous designer” provide Umbra with useful, marketable concepts or merely fill their mailroom with proposals for more of the same?
How does this influence their ability to sort good from bad?

I agree that this activity does not threaten professional designers; in fact such enthusiasm may even pave the way for professional designers to interact with companies.
I recently visited the On-Star website to submit an idea (a freebie) and was impressed by the system they have in place.

This brings us back to the internet and the affect it has on design. Without a doubt forums like this one are the best example.

Thanks to Core77 and Coroflot for everything they’ve done for the global design community.

Thanks to Steve Portigal for sharing!


I just wanted Mr. Portigal to know that his article inspired me to finally mod my box. The tan has now given way to a tasteful silver and black theme that actually accents the existing form much better than the original colors. I am still working on the large foam girl though.

He gets a “B” maybe a “C” depending on how much on the rag I am. Fairly predictable from the first para. No original production of knowledge here.

Although he hasn’t produced any new knowledge, but you have to admit, it is very well-written and compact observation of technology and professionalism. The new age is moving rapidly inside the abyss of machines and gadgets, which are our ultimate solutions to any problem. no body wants to stay behind. We all love our products and want to make the best of them.

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