Comments appreciated

Hey guys, I’m new to the site but I’ve been kind of ghosting through for a while. I’m a 2nd year ID student at Virginia Tech, and I’d appreciate it if you could take a few and glance over some of my work and offer advice. I take comments and critique seriously regardless of who offers it, so fire away!

Thanks :slight_smile:

My buddy is a mechanical engineer at VT, Chad Vanbrunt, you dont happen to know him do ya? Hes big on the mini formula 1 project you guys do there.

Your sketches benefit from your color choices alot, very eye catching due to the brightness and boldness of the contrasting colors you choose, I like that. The pen and pencil work underneath the color is rather messy in some sketches (R.A.T. project in particular). I suggest keeping the underlying stuff simple and as light as possible so not to take away from the final rendering.

I’ve seen their car poppin’ around campus occasionally, but I don’t know him in particular. 30K people around here, don’t know all of 'em yet :slight_smile:. Very cool project they’ve got though!

Feedback appreciated, I see what you’re getting at with the line work. I’ll keep that in mind!

Keep 'em comin :slight_smile: