Comment this design, please.


I’m new in this forum.

I’ve found it looking at Dp cars site, reading the design “upgrade” topic, for his fantastic chassis…

But this is not the question I want to talk about…

I’m working in a new project for a track day car and I would like to know your opinion about its design…

Take a look at

I would like to hear any comments and sugestions, please.

Best regards from Portugal,
Ernesto Freitas

…interesting project…i am guessing that this is for the weekend racer and that the second seat is for a navigator…i would prefer that the rear wheels be enclosed and a full roll cage added…open wheel racing is not for the casual racer…i see tail lights and day racers do not need headlamps, i suppose, but i would think a windscreen might be nice and a bit more aerodynamic as well…


Like it, especially the lights, have always hated the fact that caterham (and lotus for that matter) seem to use those cheap tail lights you get from camping shops for your trailer - they are hovever very cheap

Thanks for your words.

I appreciatte your comments very much.

About the full rollcage, the Audi look and the tail lights, all of you are right.

It will be a Full rollcage version.

The tail lights are taken from the new Audi A4!

About the usual round tail lights used in the Caterham and similar, I also don’t like them, so here is my vision…

Ernesto Freitas


Out of place???

Probably a little too big, but not that big… :O)

Well, I will build it, run it, race it and hope to sell some. I will use any front engine you want.

The chassis is capable to accept almost any longitudinal engine.

Ernesto Freitas


The car weight without drivetrain should be around 300 Kg and 470 Kg with it, this for an example with a “car” engine. Of course that it would be lower with a bike engine option.



Here is the latest update to the project.

I’ve also updated the website:

I would like to know what could be your choice for the color of this car.
I appreciatte any comments.



Hello again.

Have a look at my site again.

I’ve made an update.

The chassis of the Victoria F7 is complete and the aluminium hubs and uprights are done too.

Hope you like them.

Comments are welcome.

Best Regards from Portugal,
Ernesto Freitas

Heres my suggestion for showing that on the web though.

Instead of putting the final picture at the very end of the work and showing all the studies that go up to it in a forceable way. Show the finished piece than have a link to the design study for the project. that way people if they want to see your design process can go through it without being forced into going through it.

Also the web design needs help for the type of 3d modelling work your doing you should see if you can find a designer thats willing to do a simple sleek white backgrounded website that profiles your name your resume and your 3d work.

PS i just noticed you changed your website to fit what I said in but it still needs a better layout. give me a hollar on aim if you need some further advice about it iggyboo29