Comment section removed from blog post

Stay classy, core77.

There were a few negative comments on the “Decoding the design language of the 2019 Lexus ES350” post, written by a cofounder of core77. Now the comments section has been removed completely. Free speech, as long as they agree with you, I suppose.

One person said the grill is ugly.

Another person commented saying the dashboard is ugly.

I left a comment questioning the article as a whole; it read like it came directly from Lexus’ marketing team. I also said it was ugly inside and out.

I don’t see how their design ethos is different from any other luxury vehicle. Attention to detail, quality materials, easy to use, orientated around the driver, all things that are inherent to luxury vehicles. The post didn’t say much about design except for these basic principles.

For a blog that is targeted towards designers, I’m disappointed that a negative critique will be silenced.

That is one ugly car in a line up of tastelessly designed cars… so many nicer things from a design perspective to get with your money.

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The insect-like aesthetic we see in many Asian brands is decreasing in popularity here in Europe too.
We still like the simplicity you saw in the previous generation Audis, currently especially Volvo and BMW seem to be doing well.
The Citroen Cactus is overubiquitous which we just shouldn’t mention here probably.
What strikes me is that there is hardly any brand anymore that gets a car right as a whole - the lines and details all working together.
Like it does in the Audi TT, Porsche 911, MX5 and BMW Z series.

A website allowing you to comment on an editorial has nothing to do with free speech. How do you feel your 1st amendment rights are being violated?

Without a doubt. They’ve always been very awkward, visually. And the enormous hourglass grill needs to be gone 3 years ago.

However, I challenge you to find something with a better overall build quality for the same price. Beautiful German cars that I prefer, cannot compare.

Is it a sponsored post? Why delete comments if it isn’t?

I just think it’s a weak approach, especially from the cofounder of core77. Can he not take criticism?

If build quality is your reason to buy a Lexus, let me bust that myth right now.

Do yourself a favor and get a Kia Stinger.

Consider myself pwned…

My how times have changed. Look at where Ford is on that list! And I’m really excited by what Kia is putting out lately. I’ve caught myself double-taking not knowing what I saw was a Kia.

Dude, I was just as shocked when I saw this year’s list! One of my good friends is a designer over Genesis and he said they are pretty much high fiving on the daily about this. I think the next generation of product is going to be really nice… and if someone told me to go spend my own money on a new sedan, I’d seriously consider the Stinger (it is a little big for me, but still a couple of inches shorter than a Camry)…