comment on my skecthes

i’ve just started sketching cars. and i want feedback from you all, and also suggest me how to improve.
link to my portfolio is.

Cars and people in perspective are the hardest things to draw. It’s all about proportion and abstraction. I would recomend taking photos of cars on the road and gridding out the proprtions and perspectives. This will give you a starting point. At least 50% of it is being able to acurately see. I would also recomend sketching everyday for at least a couple of hours, and overlaying your work.

Do this for a few weeks and then post the new stuff up.

Play with scanning sketches and working with them in photoshop then printing. Also consider the drawthrough method for proportion and perspective.

I think your on the right track for getting started and agree with what yo said in his reply. My comment would be that you need to do your sketches from a much lower angle. Practice doing three-quarter view sketches from the perspective of sitting on the ground instead of up above the car like you have now. That will give the car a much more dramatic look and allows you to focus on more details.

Check out the tutorials here for an example:

Heres a photo of the new civic si, try a sketch using this angle and perspective or even lower (sorry for those of you that don’t like this car, just an example)

dude, you only have 4 sketches up it really isn’t enough to give people a sence of your abilities, I would say add more. Especially on your projects, the car sketches are nice, but it would be nice to see some working sketches of the form developement that went on with some of your other stuff. Oh and I dig the chair/couch.