Comm Design Powerbook?

Hey guys,
I’ll be starting up the Comm Design Grad program and need to purchase a laptop for school, obviously looking at the Apple Powerbooks… when i called to get the Educational Discount pricing, it seems that there’s only a $100 difference between the 15/17" Powerbooks w/SuperDrives.

So my question/dilemma is: is it worth getting the 17" incher?

  • it’s bigger, weighs more and therefore not as portable
  • but it’s only 1 pound more (not the end of the world)
  • however, every lab/studio at Pratt supposedly will have the Apple LCD screens to plug into for more screen space (and i have a 17" monitor at home as well). so technically, i wouldn’t need the screen space on the laptop…
  • but it’s only $100 more!
  • is it worth it or just going to be a pain in my ars to lug this thing around?

does anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this? i live around 21st/2nd ave, so i’d have a hike if i decide to walk most of the time…


as a designer it would be great to have the 17inch, how annoying would be to just plug and unplug, also doesnt the 17inch have more option in ram capacity.
i have a 15ich but i am looking forward for the 17inch in the next couple of weeks. the setting for a 15inch would be bit differant to the 17inch aswell.

conclusion : 17inch is way better.

I just got my brand new 15in powerbook the other day for school. Doesn’t sound like it’s very big, but it’s a widescreen display and it’s almost exactly the same size as a 17 inch CRT monitor!!!. It’s more than sufficient I think for almost everything, and it is significantly more portable. Those 17s are harder to say, fit in a backpack.

Also, the 15 inch gets more battery life. So get a 15inch and save the $100 to get a sleeve and a wireless mouse and such.

(Also, definately get the extended warranty. Way worth it)

ask for what’s called the 15" Ultimate. it has the guts (bigger video card, processor, hard drive) of the 17 without the bulk. remember that the 17 is too big for most cases and even some desks, that screen is also a powerhog. the 15" Ultimate comes with a gig of ram where the 17 has 512 to start.