Coming Out Party

I’ve been posting anonymously up until now, so I suppose this is, as the subject announces, a coming out party.

I’m posing my website so I can get feedback on everything and anything. In the future I’d like to move on to larger scale, more complex projects with an emphasis in consumer research. I appreciate any time you can give me.

I like the tools, looks functional and thought through. Are those models or production samples? Your involvement is a bit unclear - did you only do the idea sketches, or did you develop form, tested ergonomics with models, CAD etc? Esp on the garlic keeper - the jump from the sketch to the final product is what we want to see…

Thanks for the fresh perspective. Everything on the site is in production. I actually did everything for all of the products shown, I didn’t realize how unclear that fact was.

Nice work Garrett. The products are great. I think it would be more clear that you were the sole designer if you post a little more process. I like how you have all the prints shown for theCupcake Creation Station. More of that kind of stuff. Showing a couple of quick CAD renders to show that there were steps you did in between the initial sketch and the final product would be great.

I like a nice simple site. Might be nice to tighten up the typography a notch and maybe get all of the pages to display text in black vs the stock html blue?

love the work garrett! typo on the sidebar though - corn DeSILKER!

Sweet stuff. The patterned ice cream scoop is definitely one of those times I just said, “Ahhhh why didn’t I think of that.” I want to see a pic of the Ice Cream though.

Thank you for the feedback, it’s really helped me out. I’ve been chipping away at it since I first posted, so check it out if you want to see the progress -

robertcj: I have your Cuts+More scissors, I use them all the time. I checked out your Soft Grip Rotary Cutters, Fiskars by Colin Roberts at, they look great. Nice balance, really nice tone of grey with the soft white and orange accents.

yo: I went with Helvetica Neue for the font. It definitely feels much better, much cleaner and lighter.

Any more thoughts are welcome!