The angle of the head seems wrong… I’d have to try it to know for sure. I love the logo- subtle. Why can’t Americans just get used to bidets! :unamused: Thoughts?

Looks like I can get my Christmas shopping done early this year!

Somewhere in China there is a mold for this thing that cost a good chunk of change to make. There are assembly line workers paid a dollar a day, putting it together, boxing it up and shipping it across the world so people can wipe their ass from a distance of about 18". Wow. I feel queezy. :blush:

On second thought, there are people who can’t reach their butt. So I guess it works out in the end…zing!


Maintain your dignity? Does that woman have someone else wipe her a$$? She sure didn’t look like she couldn’t do it herself.

Wow, surely we need a smaller more compact travel version too ?

I reaaaly hope this is a joke. Sky Maul? (look it up). I mean really, are people so out of proportion their arms are not long enough to reach around…? This perfectly sums up everything wrong with society today (and US infomercials in particular). The product itself should be the thing to go into the toilet!

That afraid to wipe yourself or wash your hands?..sooooooo many things soooooo wrong with this…


I’m pretty sure it’s real. I really want to order one.

This is for older / disabled / obese people who really can’t reach. If you’ve ever had an older family member go through a bad illness and had to “help them” then this would be really nice to have. But it’s still interesting.

It’s totally real. Telebrands brings you the other great products such as PedEgg, PediPaws and other great pieces of garbage.

They also sell the WindshieldWonder which is pretty much just a wash cloth on a stick.

I had a cholesectomy (gall bladder) about ten years ago; about an eight inch incision across my chest, sixteen staples +/- … would have been a handy thing for the first week or so following surgery.

“Honey… . have you seen my a s s wipe tool!?!”

I have absolutely NO problem with a tool that is supposed to be for helping someone after surgery, or something similar. If that is what this is…SAY THAT!

Don’t turn it into some farce of a product that is for some rich hag that doesn’t want to get her manicure “dirty” and has hired help to wipe her crack.

We talk about Design Crimes…as Yo pointed out in my post about Dog Strollers, there should be a Marketing Crimes section…we would have pages upon pages of crimes against humanity.

was Billy Mays not available?

Universal design should be design for everyone, right?

I just find it insulting because it seems like you need to sodomize yourself to use that. Maybe they should show someone actually wiping with it hehe.

I like the get-a-grip though. I bet that’s existed for a long time, but there’s a real need for extra handles in bath tubs.

Yeah, but is it dishwasher safe?

I actually just attach my TP to the end of a weedwhacker.

5,000 RPM of cleanliness! :laughing:

I’m a real man. I use a belt sander.

I prefer this bad boy…

Or one of these…

NURB: Which end of those do I use?

The long silver one with the knob on the end.


There are some people that would definitely need it, like the elderly. Some disabled people that already have short limbs and long torsos, add to that a few extra pounds since they can’t exercise and there’s another group. I’ve seen a few regular people that have proportions that make it difficult to reach there.