Come see me compete on a design TV show on NBC golf channel!

Hey Guys!

Come check me and my team (TEAM LONG BEACH) out on October 4th on NBC Golf Channel. We are competing to design Wilson Staff’s next innovative Golf Driver. It’s a TV show with 11 finalists competition to win $500,000! Check out my youtube channel for updates!

See the Video:
IM ON A DESIGN TV SHOW! Wilson Driver vs. Driver NBC Golf Channel #Teamlongbeach - YouTube


I actually heard about this show - kind of a paid informercial for Wilson but putting ID at the proper intersection of user (athlete) and commerce. Wilson has been doing a great job lately.

You’re right! Wilson Staff has been doing some great things and this contest is no joke. We worked hard, late nights, early mornings when designing our driver. Team Long Beach is excited for everyone to toon in October 4th on NBC Golf Channel and watch us compete!

WOW, WOW, WOW. I gave show/contest the benefit of the doubt and watched the first two episodes. I can’t believe how lame the concepts and contestants are, not to mention the judges. Two of the contestants, Team Long Beach and one other have industrial design backgrounds. Team Long Beach was an embarrassment to the profession, not being able to get through the presentation but not even doing basic research into the rules of golf or understanding what the USGA requirements for a conforming club. The single industrial designer had a concept that was so ridiculously adjustable that no normal player would ever be able to get it figured out on their own.

After seeing the final 10 concepts that made the show, if these are the best of the hundreds submitted, the selection must have been laughable. The $500K prize may not be a joke but the show and the contestants certainly are. The golf equipment designers and engineers at Wilson must have been laughing their asses off during this (at least I hope so, or I have no respect for them at all).

This crowd-sourcing business makes us all look bad and trivial. Find the show on the Golf Channel for seriously cringe-worthy moments.