combining rhino with solidworks

i know how to use both software well and i know how to combine them but i have done it mainly for creating geometry for rendering\ image creation.
does any body have experience combining rh+SW for files that go all the way down to production?
so far we are using solid works all the way.
i want to use rhino at least in the early stages.
comments please

I tried to create production geometry in Rhino, but the problem is always speed. The lack of parametric features makes it worth the time to rebuild in Solidworks. That has been my experience. Some people I know work out of Solidworks and do some CV pulling here and there with Rhino.

I use Rh exclusively and export IGES files to one of the vendors that uses SW exclusively. We’ve discovered that if I turn up my Rhino tolerances to 1E-05 inches or tighter, the unwanted “holes” in the export mesh disappear. The technique also work for exporting IGES to ProE. The drawback is that Rh3.0 can have the occasional problem working so tight. But the results have been very good.


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what kind of geometry do you export do you build the whole body in rhino or do you only export surfaces that you later use in SW?

What I’ve been doing is creating surfaces in Rhino, and IGES/STEP it out to any number of solid modeler, IDEAS, ProE, SolidDesigner, etc. If the surfaces from Rhino is clean enough, you can shell them in solid modeling programs and you are on your way to make parts.

Usually I send only the surfaces that the vendor needs. In Rh, the surfaces are all joined. Since IGES seems to breaks them apart, it really becomes critical that surfaces with connected edges have no “gaps” or other anomalies. That’s the “clean” surfaces that mattdesign also mentions. Those edges cause no problem if you tighten the modelling tolerances.


Here is somethign for you all to try. NURBS with in SW. Not fully Rhino, but it is a decent shot which has gotten much better over the years.