Columbia Footwear Take Shoe Designer To Court for

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So what do we think of this, folks? I know from Yo’s comments that freelancing is acceptable if you are a Nike designer, but there are many places it isn’t. I had a similar contract when I was at Pentland Group, I respected their decision, I didn’t moonlight, but I know plenty of designers that have done and haven’t been found out (not at Pentland BTW).

Would you do it?

I have to admit, I got really stale just working for one brand and one category and that was one of the reasons I prefer being a freelance shoe designer.

ouch. but seems pretty clear to me. If you have a non-compete in your contract, don’t do freelance for competitors. FWIW, I think Nike has the same and I believe Yo only does non footwear freelance (auto, product and the like).

I do agree that working for a single brand can get a bit stale, but at the very least nobody is stopping you from doing concept stuff in your free time as long as you are doing it just for yourself.

sounds like the columbia designer is kinda busted, especially if he used company equipment for the freelance work, which is just dumb.

that being said, I’m sure there will be a settlement and it sounds as though there may be more than reported. if it was that serious and he actually used columbia design elements as mentioned in the article i’m sure the suit would be way more than $175,000, more like millions for lost revenue, etc.