Colour Theory

I am looking for good resources for colour theory in
particular current colour trends, colour schemes, and colours and how they relate to particular emotions that can be utilised in
product design.

I have also been looking into colour combos eg. monochromatic, triadic, analgous, complimentary how and when should you use these combinations?

The last query is when designing a product with plastic and textiles it seems as though the preferred way of defining these is with pantone swatches. It seems as though a good rule of thumb is not to try and colour match for production as it can be difficult to control say a textile and plastic component with the same colour. Any thoughts or best practices used in your particular industry would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, Adobe has a good resource for this and you can download the colors to photoshop or illustrator as well

I like and adobe’s Kuler.

Although it is a good rule of thumb not to try to match colors in differing materials, but a lot of time the color designers and the buying public want different materials in the same colors. This is where small batches and tight color control and manufacturers that care come in. It is generally an iteration of the pigmented materials and paints to get a good color match. It is tough to spec though because the perception of color varies greatly between people. There are some digital color analyzers on the market, but in my experience it all boils down to someone on the client side declaring the match to be “close enough”.