Does anyone have a database or helpfull link that describes which colors sell best or are most often seen in products per specific countries around the world?

(Literally) a 2 second Google search:

Is that really that hard to figure out on your own?

What up Jake. This might be helpful.

That NY guy is a dick uh.

Awww condescending comments in the morning. Thanks, but I’m not quite interested in color theory or historical significance. Of course, these things play a significant role in the subconscious of consumers, but more or less I’m looking to dig up hard marketing evidence. (Germans by 70% more black and red products than anywhere in the world. Brazilians are attracted to green products, but the market is shifting toward conservative whites and grays) crude examples, but you get the point.

Cheers Brian, interesting link…

I guess you didn’t bother reading through the links then because it was all there.

US has been historically blue, China red, etc… :unamused: