Do any of you know of artists, famous or friends that are color blind?

I’m a designer (not famous) and I’m color blind. Of course this isn’t something I like to advertise. What else do you want to know.

Hey, thats funny, I was just talking about this yesterday.

i am a designer who also does some writing for a few national design magazines and newspapers. One of my “responsibilities” is predicting upcoming color trends. The funny thing is I am completely color blind. hahaha strange world!

I posted a simliar question back on the old boards…

take a look!


It’s ironic this comes up. There was some research they were discussing last week on CBC. It turns out that color blindness is quite frequent in males and almost non-existant in females. Yet 80% of IDers are male. Hmmm…no wonder most products are white/black/grey! I know of at least two classmates that were color blind to some degree, although I will not name names to protect the innocent. That was 10% of the class though!

8-10% of males are colorblind
.5% of women are colorblind

Check out the link switch posted for more info: