Colorado...Where is the design?

I ended up here in Colorado Springs, the least urban city I have ever encoutered, it is beautiful, but I can hardly stomach the endless suburban sprawl, endless chain restaurants, and military people. Needless to say I have had a frustrating time aclimating as designer. Does anyone know of design culture here? There are designers like e’ bella in Boulder, otherwise, there is a vacousness which is irritated by cheesy local “art”, inspired by native american and hispanic culture, and … people who are and/or think they are hippies. Any suggestions? I’ll be back to NY in JUly.

enjoy the sights-maybe learn to ski and then jet back to NYC-I dont kno much about the springs-but NYC is the place to land a job-and has a rich art culture, I am sure you kno this.

If you dont mind asking why u are there?? is it apart of school???


++ dont forget to take pics, u dont see stuff like (nature) out here in NYC thts for sure

how far from denver ?

Well, if you’re willing to drive a little, there’s some interesting stuff further north. Downtown Denver is in the midst of a massive urban resurgence at the moment, putting a lot of money and planning effort into rebuilding its center as a denser, more pedestrian-friendly place, and it’s a fairly interesting example of ambitious urban planning. An hour north of there, near Longmont, is the “postmodern subdivision” called Prospect New Town – it made the cover of Dwell a year or two ago, as well as the Design Triennial at the Cooper-Hewitt. Worth a visit, if just for the startlingly weird sight of a whole tiny town of modernist houses in the middle of a pasture with the Rockies in the background.

Beyond that – um, there’s a little bit of decent art to see in Denver, though nothing amazing, but I would agree that the Springs are a bit of a wasteland.

industrial design + interiors + furniture + graphics

how much more fun could it get?

in Boulder. beats Colorado Springs, but not Bailey…

tim trapp; an old Purdue ID professor of mine


if you can’t draw … don’t waste his time.

or yours.