Color trends

For any color designers out there, how much do you rely on color forecasts from outside groups such as Pantone? Any input from those in the fitness shoe and apparel industry would be awesome.

There’s a small debate going in my office about how much these forecast drive specific colors put into a pair of running shoes for example. One side says these are the colors used . . . period. I tend to think a color designer, at Nike for example, would use these color forecasts as reference but has the freedom to vary from them and use his or her own expertise.

Color forecast = self-fulfilling prophecy.

^^^ true but you can still use them and be on trend w/ color, texture, etc.

syd, look at all you can but be very aware of the sources and their perspective. Understand the decision process order (do shoes lead or follow other trends for your consumer?). Look for commonality among forecasts and how how customer will identify with them and then filter for your business. Color marketing Group is heavily influenced by interiors and therefore not always applicable. Look for generalities (e.g. blue based greens are more forward than yellow based greens) and get creative.