Color Standards for Plastics

Thought I’d throw this to the group:

What are you using for color standards for plastics? I know there’s the Pantone set cor a cool $3300, but what’s really practical. I use PMS to spec colors, but not always; particularly for metallics. Automotive colors are useful, but they can be difficult to match in plastic. It’s almost like I have to send a color chip or sample of something to match that the client has signed off on to make sure.

I posted about receiving a “Color Trends” set of sample chips form Americhem on my blog:

But I’m looking to find out what everybody’s using. Thanks,


Color chips, PMS book, or actual resin samples.

It’s easier when every product you make is black though. :smiley:

Pantone and Munsell books are too limited so we run custom colors on just about everything.
Munsell has a division: ColorXpress that has a service to produce and stock color chip standards. Requiring that our suppliers purchase and match to our spec or visuall approval.
this applies to any material/process they might be using.

Of course, but which black? Not even all black colorants are the same…

How expensive is the Munsell system?