[color=red]Check this bike out!!![/color]

Check out this cool looking bike at www.interfitness.net

Let me what you think of it,

Oh wow you are the coolest and that bike is so awesome you like rule man!
Is that waht you want to hear?

No, Im thinking about purchasing this bike which on sale for $400.00 which costs in retail around $2000.00. Just wanted to find out if anyone heard about this bike and what they think about it…

wrong forum man - go to epinions.

The model is hot.

I agree, the model is very nice! I especially liked the shot from below with the equipment blocking the equipment :sunglasses:

the bike looks sweet too, I like the comic proportions of the other products, the handlebars look like antlers, I apprieciate that, it turns the product into a conversation piece.