Color pallet New Branding idenity

We have hired a marketing firm to help us with sales material / literature / web identity and a few other items. We are not doing everything at once nor are we doing this as 1 big project were in we are defining our brand identity. (i loss this argument…)

But i have been asked to provide direction and guidance on this endeavor so I will be doing what i can to control it and ensure that even though we are piece mealing the tasks, that in the end we have a cohesive look and feel across the board. Along with an identity that speaks to our customers and to our abilities.

I am looking to the community to help provide some guidance and insights. So I will be probably posting several questions over the next while.

First Question

I am looking for site ref on upcoming trending color pallets that we can use to help create our visual branding, that can be applied to our physical literature along with our web presence. (NO ORANGE!)

Also as a note our company works primarily in the Medical field (85%)

Any suggestions, guidance, opinions, comments are all greatly welcomed as I am in the gathering stage.

Chevis W.

Don’t have a good site to reference, but it seems the Med Device stuff is typically in the cooler color palette. Blues, Greens, Purples… Choose one of those to blend in, or stray way to stand out. But at your own risk, of course.

I agree with NURB, but I am going to back you up a bit. I am not sure I understand what you mean by not doing this as a big project. If I were you I would be putting together some imagery (mood boards) around who you are as a brand. You can then start to pull colors, type, etc… If you want to create a cohesive look and feel it has to touch every piece of communication material you have. From the sign outside to your business cards to you website.

Also remember to hire the right people for this. A good branding firm with good Graphic Designer not marketers will steer you in the right direction.