color matters

I don’t know wether this topic has been discussed lately.
How many color blind designers around? Any insights? helpful webpages or photoshop plugins?

I am one of them, and my problem is I can’t name some tones, i see the difference, but can’ t tell wether it’s brown or red, that sort of stuff. Other specific tones gimme trouble differentiating.

I never had heavy problems though, I can choose colors and have a strong opinion, and i can even argue on wether a color is this or that, the main problem is when someone asks to match a color, but usually I manage to solve the problem.
With my first jobs I didn’t mention it to the boss so I had to have a “trustable” workmate to slip me the correct answer, (i.e. rgb value), I ended up writing down some basic rgb s and hex colors in a piece of paper and i carry it around. I only use it in emergencies though.
It would be cool to have a photoshop plugin that tells me when the color is green still green or when it starts to be yellow in the color picker. comments?

Wow Ono. I didn’t know there were any color blind designers. Not that there shouldn’t be, I just figured they would be discouraged by academia and initial workplaces.

Kudos for you for finding one way around this. Since it is only some spectrums that affect you I think you can be honest with your employers. Especially since color is only one part of ID. Who knows, maybe you will develop the next color palette that runs through different industries.

Can’t help you on Photoshop, however. Just wanted to let you know that I think it is awesome what you are doing.

Thanks for that, but it’s not as bad as it sounds, now i have more experience I got over it, my current emplyer knows, and it’s only sometimes that i need a hint. I think i developed some sort of instinct for the colors.Actually I found more colorblind designers when i was studying, agreed it sounds a bit wacko. :slight_smile:

Sorry, I did not want to imply pity and it sounded like you had it about 95% under control. Honestly I look forward to seeing how this affects product colors.

When I worked in baby products I tended to pick some pretty unusual colors and some marketing people thought I was color blind :slight_smile: The truth is I was going stir crazy with making everything primary or pastel colors. A few times the colors I picked made it into the product. Image purple and chartreuse baby teethers :smiling_imp:

Emerson Moser, who was Crayola’s senior crayon maker revealed upon his retirement that he was blue-green colorblind and could not see all the colors.

Once in previous office i was in charge of managing all the color range for a new series of electrical switches for home. So I had to keep track of all the modifications, and It was a real nightmare, but there I really learnt a lot. :slight_smile:

Color Matters: have you checked this out