Color matching with China injection molding

I just realized that topic reads as though it was written by a Chinese vendor. I’ve been at this job too long.

Anyways. Anyone have experience color matching with Chinese suppliers? I’ve tried sending samples of our existing parts, but I always seem to get the same crappy result back from our supplier. I’ve also tried specing a pantone color with no luck.

Is there a better way?

Bag full of cash? Haha… Wish I could help you.

bag full of cash will totally solve this… resin manufacturers generally have custom blending programs, you go there, they’ll take you into a big room with rainbows on the wall and make you a plastic in any colour your heart desires.

That said, I have idea who other than maybe car companies can afford it.

What you’ve done is what we do. If it’s not right, we send it back and try to tell them why… too blue, too black, whatever. Generally takes 3 to 4 iterations to get colours other than black and white correct. Black and white usually only take two or three tries (seriously).

one thing, if you’re going to spec a pantone, use the plastic chips, and send the whole chip.

With a local supplier, I went ahead and sent a bag full of cash once. Worked like a charm and now I have a number that I can just give them to get my grey everytime.

With the Chinese, we’ve been going back and forth, but it seems that they can’t even get close. Any other ideas?

they’re probably mixing their colours in a back room (seen it)

what are your quantities like? If we’re talking tons, you can probably order a custom batch through Chi Mei.

There’s also the option of shipping the resin over from your local supplier. It’s not that bad shipping the other direction, and you won’t have to pay any import duties as long as you’re in and out in under 6 months.

Fly to China, go to the factory, and sit there until they get it right.

It really is a crapshoot, and from what I’ve seen recently you can get a lot more done with a week on site then you can with a few weeks of back and forth sample evaluation.