Color laser printers for designers...


I’m going to buy a new color laser printer (A4 size) in a week or two
and wanted to start a thread about printers.

To know what designers uses for printers. I’ve seen quite a few nice Xerox and Samsung color laser, but am unsure which models are good for us designers.

Some important features are :
thickness of the paper you can use, the kind of papers you can use.
The quality of the text and images etc.

I think being able to use creative papers in such a printer, with thickness like 200gm would be great…

Let me know what you use, thanks.

Out of curiosity is there a reason you’re going for a laser over an inkjet?

Are you doing a lot of high volume printing?

We have a Xerox color laser here but I find the color reproduction can be rather crappy and that theres a much better selection of inkjet papers over laser paper.

At home I’ve been using an Epson large format printer which has worked really well…great quality with the ability to do up to 13x19 borderless prints.


I currently use an inkjet printer (Canon Pixma iP6700D).
And I guess it is what it is… a color printer for photo print.

It’s all “cons” with an inkjet printer, especially for us designers.

  1. Text looks like crap, and most designs has a lot of typography,
    be it a brochure, flyer, and also industrial design technical documents.

  2. Inkjets uses alot of ink, it’s very expensive to change all the carts
    every 100 prints (or so).

  3. It’s so slow…

  4. Can’t use creative papers with an inkjet, especially is the paper
    is above 150gsm.

  5. Paper price: The only good quality paper that is, is photo paper
    which is pretty much only available in two standards: glossy or matt.

    Regarding my use: I don’t do production at home, but need a speedy A4 printer to output all prototypes with accurate color and type/strokes print.


Well my reason for asking about volume had to do with the ink consumption/speed.

I’m mostly biased because the couple of color lasers I’ve used have been less than stellar on photos and I really love my Epson, plus at $10 an ink cartridge with a 7 color system it’s easier to replace 1 cart when its dead than a $70-100 toner cartridge.

How much are you looking to spend? If I were you I’d look either at a local office supply store and get some print samples directly or go to your favorite online retailer, see what printers are in your price range, and then just google them to get reviews. That will give you much more specific info on quality/speed then you’ll be able to get here.

I just want to know what color laser printer graphic designers use.
Because the local shops here, they have no clue, they don’t know what a graphic designer is or which type of printer they should sell.
Plus those xerox and oki models that are interesting are not in stock.
I have to buy online in any case.
I would love to hear about other users here and what they do use.

We’ve got an A3+ Xerox phaser printer, and the colour reproduction is rubbish! It also picks up hell of alot of mess around the edges of scanned drawings our Epson inkjet would ignore.

We found most retailers would happily send us demo prints of a file we sent them, so maybe complire one with CMYK solid colours, a scanned sketch, render etc etc.

thanks, what’s the model? maybe it’s a bit old and stuff.
I’ve worked on some professional color copier from xerox, and using matt creative paper the results were phenomenal, almost looked like offset printing.
now, I’m not sure about the smaller xerox printers …

OK, well you are right in a lot of ways regarding speed and and toner cost but end product there is no laser that can compete with ink. That is why 4 color process brochures all are printed in ink!!! you can proof well using laser but I would not send laser to any of my customers.

I have two lasers here:

aficio CL 4000 for pretty good letter
aficio 3228C for 11x17
(sorry I never remember the A3 size, guess I wasn’t in engineering long enough)

Epson Stylus pro 7800… 24" wide beautiful color photo print I have a selection of at least 50 different papers from epson including 3 different choices of poster board (this is awesome, not spray mount anymore!!!)

I would highly recommend…

pretty dang expensive, though there are many that are more $ and less quality)
Printer $6000
All 8 refill $450 (about 200-300ft of paper)
paper $100 (24 x 100)

in my business we use a small Dell colour laser. When we need presentation materials we’ll usually format as an 8.5 X 11 bound book of designs, multiple views, colour schema, etc. For presentations that format is so flexible, usable and affordable to print 5, 20, copies of multiple page booklets.

The Dell was highly recommended in its class, it is fast, and colour quality is very good but not excellent; it suits our purpose perfectly. It can also print cover weight papers, we use 250gsm I think. There are of course numerous other printers and sources to go to for super high quality, but I find this occurs only a few times per year; our presentation / discussion booklets are more often.

Okay friends, I need a good laser printer that prints really well and fast, and has cheap ink cartilages… or a printer that does it all and can scann and copy tooo. Any suggestions please be very specific not like just name a bunch of brands thats so useless. What is a good quality laser printer? And also which one is comparatively cheaper? Please answer me. Thank you…