Color Forecasting for 2010

Other than the Color Marketing Group, which is pretty expensive to join, what’s a reliable source for forecasting the color trends for the soft goods industry? I’m not looking for the color trends that the fashion industry would use. I’m looking for the color trends that would apply to products like bags, backpacks, shoes, boots, tents, snow sports, water sports, and other outdoor gear. The trend typically ends up being a group of colors that are on the brighter end of the spectrum. If anyone has any insight as to where to find this information for 2010 I’d love to know.

I was just at World Funiture Market in Vegas, the director of Pantone gave her color predictions for 2010. They are intersting and although they are for home goods, they still apply to other areas, if you are interested I am happy to share.

WGSN or stylesight have color forecasting

Although not soft goods, and not 2010, one ‘free’ resource that I think is connected with Color Marketing Group is Sherwin Williams. Indoor and outdoor palettes, and 2009 color forecast. Color Selection | Architects, Specifiers & Designers | Sherwin-Williams
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As a member of CMG, I’d suggest joining. It has been worth it.

Another thing you can do rather than only relying on outside sources is to think about how color trends “trickle down”. I’m simplifying, but arts/new media/politics/general “what’s up with the world” influence fashion/concept design, fashion influences home goods/products, starting with “edgier” junk spreading towards more mature and conservative product design areas.

If you see a certain color emerging, think of other colors that “go” with it. They will obviously become more popular. Think of what might contrast w/ a currently trendy color. The current bright yellow co-exists with muted purples and blues in home goods, it’s color wheel opposites (the trendy yellow is of an orange variety, thus blues are slowly taking over purples of last few years).

Color trends are subjective and cyclical. If your industry calls for bolder colors, apply color theory to make a trendy color “pop” more and pay attention to what influences your industry’s influences to have a gut feeling of what’s ahead.

WGSN is still outrageous to join. We have an internal group that focuses on trends. You can also do it the hard way by following fashion and houseware.

From Pantone for $750: “Now you can access seasonal color direction using the PANTONE FASHION + HOME color palette. Color is a paramount ingredient to the design process. The Pantone View Colour Planner is a multi-platform forecast offering seasonal inspiration for men’s, women’s, active, cosmetics, interiors and industrial design.”

I just wait to see Lee Eisman speak at the home and housewares show. She always give the new color palettes and they have a big display of the colors.

You can buy colour books for less than $100 dollars with the colours in from and modeinformation.

Edited to add: Zoom on fashion trends has a round up of approx 10 different agencies colour palettes, plus lots of mood boards and general trend information, View & Provider are much more abstract but much newer, I don’t bother buying every issue in a year, maybe three or four. I do my own trends, using the more out there abstract mags as a guide and researching blogs, vintage and everything else in order to come up with trends.

I reckon Zoom on fashion trends might be the best one if you just need an overview.

WGSN is excruciatingly expensive. I used it for the first time in years at a clients office recently and was a bit dissapointed. If you are adept at using the internet, you really don’t need it - read the fashion blogs, go to shows and buy some trend books, it’s all there. Visit the big textile shows such as premiere vision and you can get the trends there for free, of course you have to get to the show first!

If you have a bigger budget, then you can choose the trend forecasting agency that suits your product type. For tents, sporting goods etc, I immediately thought of mudpie.

Hi all I was looking for some color ideas and came across this website. hope it comes in useful

i buy these when they come out.

very useful, very accurate for my industry of furniture and home furnishings.

we call it the “oracle” as in,“consult the Oracle for that color.” it’s a code name for us. somewhat amusing, too.