color for interactive kiosk

In the process of designing an interactive kiosk for a shopping mall, I need to know what colors are hot as far as such installations in a shopping malls type of setting is concerned. Could anybody suggest any method to do this research, or provide with any leads that could be helpful?


Having worked in the kiosk industry, I think the better question is who is this kiosk for? Don’t you think the client would want their company colors/identity communicated to users in the design?

Other than that, any human factors textbook has color information and which ones offer high visiblity from a distance. It is pretty obvious which colors are considered most visible by just looking at traffic signs.

You are right but there are a few points in the project

the clients brief said that the kiosk should ‘look’ like a consumer appliance. Also since the client’s corporate identity in terms of colors is not established as yet, I did not have that thing featured on my list, Well it could be an opportunity for me to delve into that exercise but right now i am not thinking in those terms.

Secondly the kiosk is to be placed in a shopping mall. Indoors!

Basically what i was aiming a t was to learn from somebody what is the present trend in terms of colors in industrial design. Better still, how to figure out the trend myself. Is there a method for that?

I know the final color coding shall be contextual and not just ergo factors coz the display shall also be a factor to consider.

You have been into kiosk business, can you give me a site where I can find some info on situated displays that dem,onstrate a process.Mr orange’s juice extractor is one such example!


Are you talking the ID or the UI?

Is it supposed to stand out, or blend in? (Kiosks usually need to do double-duty as signage…)

Who’s the target demo?

What did you find at the Color Marketing Group? They are the definitive color trend organization, aren’t they?

Pantone also lists the top colors on their site.
and they probably have something a little more targeted that they could provide you with?

well, first i’d have a look att the design guidelines given to the deisgner, that gives you a good feel for that the centre’s RDM’s are after. hot colours in centres now seem to be cool pinks & blues, & dark woods (non laminates) mixed with stainless & glossy whites and reds (2pacs).

may i ask what kind of interactive kiosk you’re working on?

thanx a lot stevep for the much needed input

yes conkan, regarding the kiosk, it is to be a ‘visual interaction’ sort of kiosk, in the sense that, while there wont be lcd displays to it, it will be showing a water purification process to the onlooker so that he is enticed to have a glass of pure water.Aesthetic Rapture, may be.Free of cost ,of course.

interactive, to the extent that the user shall have to press on the system for having a glass of water.

but it has to be damn exciting visually, to pull crowds. The company wants people to know what exactly the process is. So i have to design a kioski that communicates ‘purity in glass’ kind of message

Still in the concept stage i am looking for divergent leads in to the problem, that’s why i had asked about colors.But yes there has to be something transparent in there,as fasas i see, though cant say what clicks with me the next time i sit with pen and paper.

THanx you guys for the invaluable inputs.