Colleges with ID Programs - in Chicago

I want to make a list of the different schools here in Chicago or Chicagoland that offer Degrees or Certificate Programs in Industrial Design or Related Fields …
So far I have…

University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Illinois at Urbana/Champagne

Art Institute of Chicago

Columbia College

Triton College

Northwestern University

Illinois Institute of Technology --? (not sure about this one)

That’s all I got…I know that there’s more than this…please add to the list by posting one’s I HAVE NOT listed yet.

I’ll come back and make a final list and I’ll try to include the actual type of degree that the school offers

how ‘related’ do you want to go?

I’m thinking any programs that have any type of consumer design concentrations…for example…

Fashion Design

Transportation Design

Package Design

Product Design

Exhibit Design

I would exclude anything related to Graphic Design and Architecture. Pretty much if you feel like it should belong…throw it in.

am I wrong or is the NWestern program a product development track within the Bschool?

They offer a Masters in Product Development as well as 3 Day certificate programs on Management.

Notre Dame is closer to you than Champaigne Ill.

and Kalamazoo’s Western Michigan is about the same
(but isn’t that program kaput?)

MIAD too

The College of Engineering and Applied Science has suspended admission of new students into the Industrial Design program effective October 2005. The current plan is to teach out the Industrial Design courses by May 2009. Questions should be directed to Dr. Edmund Tsang @ (269) 276-3249 or email at

not sure what you’re not sure about, they have an ID program, but just graduate level.

Purdue is about as close as UIUC.

I’m just trying to make a compilation of schools and their programs Undergrad and Grad. Mostly looking to see what schools are available and in range. I’ll do the research to get the specific degree types and stuff like that.