Colleges & Universities in UK

Hello, i wanted to ask if there is a fundamental difference between a college and a university, who basically give the same title (Bachelor in that case). The Academic standards are equal or does it depends entirely on the college/university, For example is Ravensbourne and Brunel on the same academic level? Its a bit confusing when one of the best postgraduate schools is named Royal College of art. So i am asking if it really matters the name of the school, be it a college or university.

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Um, no! You’re right, it’s the level indicated by the course title, ie HND, BA, MA etc etc.

Having said that, the quality of courses will differ massively, so make sure you do open day visits, speak to students etc.

what courses/places are you looking at?
If you can make it to the new designers show in london in july then all the unis/colleges will be there exhibiting, you will be able to get a pretty good comparison from looking at peoples work from the different courses, speak to the students etc.

Yes, visiting the New Designers Show would be the best thing, but unfortunately there isn’t such an option. : ( At the moment I am waiting for answers from the universities, I 'm interested in the BA (Hons) Product Design course at Ravensbourne but i don’t know where it stands compared to those of Brunel or Loughborough.

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i dont really know much about the course at Ravensbourne im afraid.

Im a final year student at Loughborough, i think Loughborough and Brunel are pretty similar, they seemed to be when I was applying anyway. Have a look at the portfolios from each place on coroflot, might give you an idea of the type of work people do on the different courses.

I’m not sure if it is similar in the UK, but in the US a college is a smaller, more focused school typically specializing in one general area… i.e, and art college. There tends to be a bit more focus, everyone there is related in some way to what you are doing (Like at the Royal College of Art)

A University is comprised of several or many schools and colleges, and tend to be much larger. What you loose in focus you gain in diversity of ideas as there are many people with completely different interests.

Neither is better or worse, just different education styles for different types of students. I visited 6 or 7 Universities and Colleges when I was looking at schools and very quickly realized which would work best for me.

I see. Well in the end it all depends on the individual point of view of each person. Mayby i should think about the new designers show again : )

Thanks for the answers!

Hey Guys. I need the list of universities in united kingdom of 2010. I want to go for studies aborad for my higher education kindly tell and suggest a site where i can easily find the univerisites list…



There are many university’s in the UK. Royal College of Art, Uni of Huddersfield, Uni of Coventry, Uni of Glasgow, GoldSmiths, Uni of Kent, are just a few, I think there is something in Bath. Your query is a little broad, welcome to the forums.

I’d recommend getting to New Designers if at all possible. I’m not up to speed on the Ravensbourne course I’m afraid.

So you’ve applied to Ravensbourne, Loughborough and Brunel?