college interviews

In a nut shell…I am a fine art graduate, but am fed up with the lack of practical application in this field. I have got past the first stage, and now have an interview for the 2 year MA in Industrial Design at Central St Martins in London next week…I’m kind of bricking it!!!
Can any industrial designers out there give me some ideas about how to pitch it and what the most obvious questions you, as a designer, would ask me?
Other than my motivation for the change in discipline and my attraction to industrial design what else might they want to know?

Any advice you could give me would be amazing.



I have an interview next week as well and have little experience of Industrial Design interviews so no real advice to offer.

Past motivation, why csm , your portfolio, why you etc… they may ask you to talk about some examples of actual industrial design projects/ products that you like.

In regards to bricking it. Just remember they are not interested in wasting their time, so by getting an interview you’re already in a good position.

Best of Luck

Tell them why you LOVE design. Tell then how you’re going to change the world, and improve people’s lives. Tell them how everything you’ve done has been leading to this point. How you’ve been aiming to go here for all your life. Don’t necessarily say that you got disillusioned with fine art; say that you wanted to be as prepared as possible for design, so that you woudl be able to spend more time on the ideation and the creative process, and already have some of the needed skill set.

If you can be truly excited about that, and make it all sound sincere (works best if you really are), you’re a shoo-in.