College Industrial Design admissions

I will be a high school junior in September and would like to know if my portfolio should include more pieces with an industrial design focus, or should they be what I do in my art classes at school?

I want to go to school in New York or Philadelphia. Can anyone tell be if they know anything about the programs at Philadelphia University or University of the Arts? And for New York Parsons, Pratt, and FIT? How do they all compare? My last question: Should I include photography as I would for an art portfolio? Thank you! Alison

I’m only going to start college next year, but having just gone through the admissions process, this is what i have to say…

above all else, do the type of art you love. if you find yourself in the midst of a project wondering why you’re wasting your time, chances are you are doing that project to please a school and not yourself.

one thing i found really helpful was the national portfolio day events; i really got a feel for what each college i was considering was looking for and i got lots of good crit on my portfolio. plus the reps remember you (at least, in my case they did?), which can be good for follow up interviews., i think…

why not include photography?

also, one thing i’m doing to get insider info on my college is making posts and asking questions on the college’s community livejournal. the students there have so much more information to share than the admissions and housing people.

hope this helps:)


National portfolio day is a great way to get input from a bunch of schools.

Personally I think it is good to show variety, you want to show you have the raw ability. I think I showed (it was like 12 years ago so bear with me) 2 or 3 life drawings, an abstract painting, a portrait, a couple of car renderings, a Mini Disc player rendering (it WAS 12 years ago), and a Footwear design.

Thanks for the advice! I’ll have to check out the livejournal. I live in the Philadelphia area so I plan on going to the National Portfolio Day at Temple. I’m glad I found this site because I had trouble finding information before. Philadelphia University does not require a portfolio so I am curious how their program compares to others. Being in the Philadelphia suburbs, schools in New York City seem to be forgetten. Especially Pratt since it is in Brooklyn. Thanks again for your help! Alison :smiley:

I still wish I would have gone into only true art… Taxidermy…

I don’t know if youre serious or sarcastic, but you reminded me of this page my friend showed me a while back…

it’s actually really interesting, if you can get past the gross factor…

I only had some drawing, and graphic design work in my portfolio when I applied for ID. I got in to a less exclusiv school with no problem, even with transfer credits. And I got on the waiting list at RISD, a much more exclusive program. I would suggest at least showing off your creativity, and drawing skills. Portfolio days are also a great way to see what they want.