college graduate...internship or job?

i’ll be graduating this may and my plan is to work for a year before i go to grad school(industrial design)

i know getting a job is really hard right now…and my original plan was to go to grad school right away… but a lot of people said getting work experience is really important and i don’t think i can afford to pay for grad school right now…

in this case should i be applying for internships or a job?..i guess the reason why i’m confused is because i don’t know what the main difference is between the two…
i always thought that an internship is a short term training for college students…am i right?

if i want work for at least 9 -12 months …is that still considered an internship?

the internship i had before was only fo 2 months during summer…so i’m a bit confused about it…

are internships the only way to get experience before applying for a junior designer position? or is there something before that?
sorry for the stupid questions…please share your wisdom with me :slight_smile:

oh and the other question was…
in the cover letter, should i say that i’m looking for an internship or just employment in my case?

I appreciate your advice in advance!


I would say, take what you can get!!
Maybe it would be best to just address your situation in your cover letter and explain that you are looking for a position for up to a year.
Then the company, based on their needs and your calcifications, will make a decision where and how you fit best.

If you lock yourself down for more than a couple of months in an internship situation, make sure it’s a place you like and where you can learn a lot. Otherwise I would advise to spend shorter internships at as many places as you can.
As I mentioned in another thread, your connections you make will be the key. If you do well, the firm you are at will gladly recommend you further if you chose to switch.