College for Creative Studies CCS

You mean like you?

Nobody is satisfied with the school’s program, and don’t blame one’s failure on others. So what if you are different from the rest of the school? Won’t that set you above the rest if you are truely good?

What I see here are some students who are so engaged with their own designs that they refuse to take any of the instructor’s advice. Come on! If you are so good, why are you even in school?! These students often become the jokes of the class. Instructors give advices based on their experiences, which is something students don’t have. I always take those advices and process them, then decide if I will use them. If the first thing you do is denial, then all powers to you.

I remember an advice from someone reputable " Don’t ever get too involved with your own design, or else you won’t be able to see beyond yourself".

Oh btw, trans will be a totally different story. It’s one referee and one referee’s rules. I’m glad I never have to deal with that.

EVERY school has its own issues…no matter how good the reputation, the students will hate SOMETHING about how it is run at that time: perceived lack of computers/techonology, shop not open long enough, faculty too old and out of the loop, attendance policy too harsh, attendance policy not harsh enough, etc…

I know most schools tend to be pretty lax when it comes to “passing” grades. Students with incomplete projects and presentations tend to work their way through the program and end up with a degree just like kids who did completed all the work. (See, even I can’t distance myself from a bit of complaining)

There’s ALWAYS something to complain about, but in the end a lot of programs have very well rounded programs to offer their students. I think a lot of students think that their school is the only one with a lack of this or that, but I can assure you all, other schools and students are sharing your “pain”

First of you don’t know me, So how do you know i blame others for my problems? I like how you said the instructors give advice based on their experiences. Yes steve, clyde and roney have been out of the industry for how long??? Maybe people would like to be in a stable enviroment as well, gee how many heads of industrial
design have there been in the past 3 or 4 years?

There is only one truely good teacher there, oh wait he left mid semester. I hope he likes Brazil!

He’s probably partying with Brazilian chicks.

Out of the industry? I hope youknow what you are talking about. Roney has my highest respect.

Were you serious about roney? um ok, to each his own