College for Creative Studies CCS

Can anyone tell me how hard it is to get into CCS? I’ve heard it’s a great school can anyone tell me their thoughts?

According to the Princeton Review, last year 78% of applicants were accepted.

If you have good grades and a fair portfolio or fair grades and a good portfolio, I would think that you would be in.

Not hard at all. Hard to stay on.

agreed-not hard to get in and isn’t that expensive-I have a couple friends over there-but they say that it is hard to get an internship-*

*could just be them

when I am back home I am always excited to to what the students have to show at the detroit auto show-they are usually in the basemnt area but have usually great work up

Come on, can’t be more expensive than Pratt.

The standard of your portfolio will determine the amount of money they will give you as scholarship.

If you really want to see student’s work, come to the students’ show in May then.

I wouldn’t know the price for pratt, i attend Parsons.

that is great that you get money for school based off your portfolio-wish I had that–will you be in the show in may?? are you graduating??

I should be in the show but I graduate next year.

i c. thats cool. you’ve seen some of the senior projects?? hows it look’n. right now our fine arts department is putting up wrk-then illustration-then…dunno

but mines next yr too-been thinking about it-kinda wierd tho- I am majoring in communications but my show isnt going to be based on that is going to be on my footwear- dunno excited tho

Well I am senior now, but I plan to graduate next May. There are only 2 senior product studios now. It should be pretty interesting.

nice-its kinda too soon now but maybe u could take some pics and post on the forum-would be kwel

have you started thinking about your senior show-??

Senior show is basically just the presentation wall of your thesis project, so you just need to worry about the project itself…

This is not a “great school”. IMO gradutes from CCS lack an undertanding of real world design. i.e the ability to meet deadlines, understand and design within a designed scope of work etc.

Don’t get me wrong, students there have a lot of talent and are very creative. Unfortunately for them, their not being taught to adapt that creativity into the real world.

I work with several CCS grads, 4 to be exact, and I find the above pretty inacurate of the designers i work with.

They are very professional and talented.

Maybe MTV should start another reality show about how ID students deal with real world.

While I do agree with students having hard time dealing with the demands of the real world, that doesn’t make the school less great as it is( that’s different from people’s perception of “greatness”).

Design schools don’t spank kids who are late on assignments or not bring their textbooks to class. It takes a right and positive attitude to do that, which really is up to the individual. Those who don’t will fail, and this doesn’t just apply to design.

I think most schools don’t teach students about the “real world”. You may argue that schools like UC have co-op programs for the students to taste the real world, but it’s not the school that is giving the students the experience, it’s the internships, and who says that you can only get internships through co-op? IMO people who think so either lack self-confidence or know that they aren’t going to be hardworking enough to get one.

CCS has a different focus on design eduation. It’s not better or worse, it’s just about what you want. The bads things I will say about the school is poor departmental adminstration and ridiculous tuition fees… but again, which school doesn’t have such problems?

BTW I think we have good model making facilities. I don’t know if people care about models anymore but I think model making makes you think about how to resolve the form and assembly methods.

at my shool-they are very strict about policys like attendance-and I knew 3 kids that had A work that one got a C and the other two failed the class because they were absent more than 3 times or they were late more than 15 min ( if you are late more than 15 counts as an absence) this is a rule that I think sukks but the more you think about it, it is good because it kicks people’s asses to get into line or is a huge wake up call. these kind of rules and other ones like if the assignment is late then some teachers wont even look at it or it goes down a letter grade everyclass you dont hand it in, I mean it might sound harsh, but what if you in two yeards after you graduated and you had a client and they needed the job and you were two weeks late-you wouldnt get the job for them next time, and I think school should be a breeding ground for the professional world-especially if you are in college-

that is one thing that I really liek at parsons is that I am handled like a profesional and it simulates the real world-most if not all my professors are in the job market now-and this also helps alot because they can share great amounts of knowledge-

my two cents–

Well, I have not had very good luck with the ones I’ve worked with or have seen. Different generation of graduates maybe? I don’t know. Glad to hear you’ve had a good experience with CCS graduates then I have.

I studied there for a semester-it was a mobility program-

Design you will get really good at drawing which is hands down the most important skill you need as a industrial designer-speedand your ideas of course

I work in chicago now in Interior design but i took transpotation design
classes which helped my perspective drawings-drawing cars is dfficult so when you bact to smaller products ot interiors it makes it easier

I would of went there all four years if I would of known sooner highly recommended-

Note:Dont fall into the flashy theme employers see right through over glorified portfolios-

Everything you need to be succesful is there-teachers are working in the profession


Well first off I would like to that Brooze on displaying what we have known to be true for a while, America in need for a huge change of attitude towards the creative arts. It is amazing to me that a man that is in leadership of a company does not take the time to educate these young designers from CCS but he choses to belittle the establishment from which they came. I am an alum of CCS and I have been very pleased with the work that I have seen come out CCS in the past few years. It is true that some students do not have a grasp on what the real world is like but that is true for a lot of students from a lot of different colleges and university. By “spitting” on the talents of CCS and its alum I feel you have put yourself in a very comprimisible situation. You may never know who will be reading this board and ultimately who you may eventually be working with or for. So my advice to you are a LEADER is to stop crititiquing and start being a mentor. I did not go through four years of all nighters- xacto accidents and other painful experiences to have someone degrade the school which ultimately put me in a position to live out my dream as a designer!

So my advice for any student inquiring about any college is visit the school and talk to students who are currently there. Because otherwise you will be gathering information from people with jaded opinions and outlooks on your future college. Its your money and time so you decide with your heart and not someones hatred.

And oh by the way, if you hired those kids then it is your fault that they failed.

P.S. enjoy buying my products for your kids…


BY the way excuse the lack of “spell check” it is late in the day and I am tired!

Yes, ask some of the students there. Besure you ask the true students and by this i mean someone who is there for design and to learn and to NOT be a follower of what they are spoon fed. I think you might find that they are a bit disatisfied with the program. You can be VERY succesful at CCS if you follow the instructors and do what they want and recycle their style and have no creativity on your part. If you do this they will love you and find a job for you through their connection. If you go out and develop a style of your own well then… you are on your own and will be forgot about. CCS should say they require you to be fit into their mold to succeed there.