College degree difficulty + getting jobs

Some ID degrees are more demanding than other ones, in terms of project difficulty, time management and course content.
I wonder whether the difficulty of college degree would play any part in getting a design job?

I have to say that my program is bloody hard. All major projects are done in groups of two or more people, with a few exceptions. We have to produce a new product plus a business plan with a working prototype, that could be submitted to a nationwide enterprise competition, in 4 months. All on top of 31 hours of lectures a week. In some cases, I can’t really justify the ownership of some of my ideas, due to group project focus. My portfolio will be full of ideas, but the supporting sketches and styling will not be great.

However, I’m confident that the idea for group project will be turned into a decent product. Will a potential employer value this teamwork effort? Or will he/she think that this is a cover-up for my laziness?