College classes

Hi I am a student in high school looking into industrial design in college. I was wondering how much math, science, and art is involved in this program? Any particular area within these subjects ie. algebra, physics, geometry, etc.? If you could post a reply that would be great.

Thank You

Hi Mark,

There is a little bit of each of those in ID but it really depends on what type of design you are doing.

To be really general…

Art - It certainly helps to be a highly creative person and many ID’ers
there is a lot of sketching in ID and while sketching is often related to art in design it is more about communication. A designer has to quickly and effectively be able to visually communicate their ideas in the form of sketching.

Math - Depending on what type of products you are working on there can be a fair amount of math. Personally, I find that a good knowledge of geometry is helpful if for figuring out shapes and forms with specific mathematical requirements. Algebra also comes into play sometimes but usually only if you are involved in the CAD development of a project.

Physics - I’m sure some designers require a knowledge of physics but for me it hasn’t been much of an issue.

Designers are a pretty diverse bunch so regardless of which subjects you are good at - if you’re committed you can become a designer.

Design can be such a general subject that sometimes knowing all of the answers is less important than knowing how or where to find them when you need them. Designers come from all kinds of diverse backgrounds but I find that the best designers know when they aren’t an expert in an area and know who to ask or where to go to learm.

good luck