College athletics and ID

I am going to be a senior in hs this year and I am interested in pursuing a degree in ID and I was wondering if there is time to play a college sport when majoring in ID?

most programs have a lot of studios, which means deadlines.

If you aren’t ready for a test, you can still take it.
If you aren’t finished with a model or preso of you project…you get your ass handed to you.

What kind of time commitment are you talking about?

I would agree it depends on the time commitment. I know guys who have done it, but your time management skills have to be pretty damn good. And you have to be willing to sacrifice, I am sure at some point through your time at school playing sports you’re going to have to chose between skipping a practise or game or skipping out on finishing something for your project.

Edit: I’ll also add that I considered doing it, but it would have meant that if I messed up a rendering or didn’t have a presentation completely finished te way I wanted I wouldn’t have had time to go back and fix it. This may not be a big deal to some people, but I felt that the ability to evaluate and retouch aspects that weren’t as strong was too valuable to give up. But then again my time management skills are by no means the greatest. So if you can get it together, try it out.

I’m no athlete, and my school didn’t have any athletics… unless you count our hockey team, the Nads (you are supposed to chant “Go-Nads!”… ), but there is no way I could have done anything else and ID simultaneously and expected to be half decent at either.

That is just me, I might have needed the extra time in studio. Everyone is different.

you should ask the Padilla bros. they seem to have the ID and sports thing covered…

myself, i could just find enough time to work in sleep+studio+drinks to barely stay alive…


I know college sports in the UK compare nothing to the US, no where near. But one of my main reasons for choosing the college I’m at now is the strong basketball program. (I do not advise this, luckily my college had an equally strong design school). 2 years on and half way through my degree I hardly play any organized basketball at all. I found out quickly in my first semester that practice every night, gym sessions etc. on top of ID is very tiring, and not that enjoyable.

Though people do do it, I just relised it was time to make that decision and put my all in my degree/career. I guess it depends on how much of your time playing sports take up.

what sport do you play?

I played 3 years of soccer at Pratt. They also have basketball, track, crosscountry, tennis. D3, Hudson valley conference. The teams had varying levels of success. Tennis was really strong.

I think SCAD also has sports, D1 back when I was looking at schools.

Carnegie Melon has a bunch of sports too.

At SCAD we had many sports and had a few athletes in my class. Most of them just sneaked by some failed out but there were a few that did pretty well. I would have to agree with everyo9ne else in saying if you want to be good at ID you have to devote all of your time to it. I personally played club intramural and recreation sports in college but that required no traveling and I could miss a game if I needed to.

SCAD is a D3 school except for crew witch I think is D2 or D1.

If you know how to plan out your time well enough and have the energy to do both ID and a sport… then go for it. I don’t play a sport, but during my first semester, I really didn’t have enough time for a social life… that’s how bad it was for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

i played baseball for 4 years at university while taking ID. mind you, it wasn’t ncaa varsity, rather college club, but it was still practice/games/travel every day for 2 months…

I had a few buddies play football and do Art… and lucky for them they went to the NFL.

Couldn’t resist.

We didn’t have a Go-Nads cheer- but we did have the biggest Sac-in-the-WAC! Ahem

We had a few athletes in Art and Design at U of Illinois when I was there (Division 1). Primarily track and field folks, and none of them that I recall did particularly well in their design courses, but most atleast squeaked by. The best projects that they seemed to do were related directly to their sport. They were the expert and were doing something they really cared about. I might speculate that this may be atleast part of why the Padilla brothers are able to do what they do being that they run and are interested in shoes and I see some related soft goods too. Personally I believe if you can get your sport and design passions aligned it is POSSIBLE, but it takes an incredible amount of drive/time management etc. and may mean you factor other things out of your life (girlfriend/boyfriend) etc.

It is def possible to play sports and do ID in college. I graduated with honors while being captain of the rowing team. the thing that must be noted though is i did not sleep. no exaggeration I slept an average of 3 hrs a night for 4 years. I believe that, for me, sports where a release from the stress of classes. So it is extremely difficult to play sports and study ID but if it is what you want to do then you will find a way to make it work. I now design sporting goods so my experience as a college athlete has been an asset.

PS: being stereotyped with the “dumb athletes” drove me to do better work so i could prove that some of us athletes can actually design too

the answer to your question is simply: yes it is possible.

Now, there are a lot of factors to that answer though: What division, what sport, what coach, what school, what experiences you want to get out of school ect…

Speaking for myself, I am a recent grad, and played D3 soccer for all four years, while being an ID major. There were many other art and design athletes at my University, however there were very few in ID, and even fewer that were not Track and Field/Cross Country runners. Other than being in soccer I was also heavily involved in IDSA, student affairs, graduated in 4.5 years, and landed a job less than a month out of school at my number 2 pick.

Gag me, right? I don’t want that to sound like a personal promo… there is definitely a price to be paid, and many factors that played into that which allowed me to do all those things. I just don’t want to shoot your dreams down before you get a chance, I had way too many people in my college career telling me to pick either sports or ID, but there is possibility to do both.

First things first, talk to the coaches and program directors before you make a decision.

Once at school, establish a good relationship with your coach, and teachers. From my experience, both will be understanding if you are downright honest and they see you working hard. Never miss a practice or a project deadline, and NEVER EVER blame slacking off in one on the other.

Im not going to lie, it was not easy at all. And there are many sacrifices that you will have to make. But I would not go back and do it any other way. Similar to crewkid I really never slept, but yet seemed to play my best games after all-nighters. Soccer was a huge release for me as well, and kept me very productive with my time. Like noted above, if doing both is what you want to do, you will find a way to do it.

Good luck!


There were many of you crew guys in my graduating class at SCAD. You defiantly have talent and someone that defiantly knew how to balance their work and play. I was a big athlete going into college and almost joined the crew team but did not think I could do both.


I agree with the above if you want to do it you can but know that it is going to be a lot of work. Personally I did not have the drive and concentration to do both. But looking back, these issues are no different others once you get out in the working world. You are always going to be faced with these challenges and need to learn how to manage your time and career.

Some people are gifted with the ability to not sleep yet still function as normal human beings.

I am not one of said people. :laughing: