College application portfolio..Am I good enough???

hey I was wondering if anyone has went to, applied at, or is going to Emily Carr in Vancouver? Or for that matter, anyone who has applied at any competitive “art based” first year program.

If so, my question for you is how competitive is the art portfolio for first year “foundation”? Just how good does your artwork have to be? I’m currently working hard on getting my academic requirements done and have not had much spare time to better my portfolio. Here’s some pics of some of the work I plan to include Shaw Communications . If anyone could give me some tips or advice to better my chances of getting into the school that’d be great. Thanks yall.


I really don’t know about Emily Carr in particular, but I think anywhere would want to see more drawings. You mention your sketchbook, let’s see that stuff. It’s not all about the solution, it’s about the process. I really don’t think the stuff you’re showing us in this art section is where the goods are at.

Seriously though, if you want some solid criticisms/suggestions, etc. hit me up:

always down to help another b-boy in design, it makes design conferences much more entertaining…hahaha