Cokes rebrand

Here is an image I found of the coke new branding. In my opinion they did a great job. Its fresh but still keep the iconic nature of coke in mind.

that’s nice stuff - good find

the billboard is so graphic it almost reminds me of an ipod silhouette ad


I like what they did with the bottles. They have such an amazingly powerful brand that they don’t even have to say what’s in the bottle!

Really nice, refined stuff. Are the red bottles plastic?

nice. and the subtle things like the 18 wheeler towing a bottle, and the cups with the bottle silhouette and those little things that really indicate a well thought out strategy and attention to detail.



(is that other truck image a pixel like graphic made of coke bottle shapes? hard to see from the pic but seems so. again, brilliant- impact from both close proximity (sitting beside it in traffic), and far!

Would you really consider this a rebranding? So long as they keep that logo, it’ll be pretty much the same, at least in principle.

They look like they could be painted metal…

This is true. Maybe not a “rebranding” maybe a “refresh”


I believe those bottles are plastic. I really like the cases for the bottles. They are just raw corrugate with no graphics. Not only does this take it back with a nostalgia feel, but also it is very sustainable.

I just found this image as well and thought I would share. It looks like they have taken this all the way through.

Oh and I might have been wrong. They do kind of look like aluminum bottles.

Wow, solid brand refresh right here. It definitely has that instant classic look to it. Stands in stark contrast to Pepsi face flop rebranding.

D-flux how does this fit into your “When design gets bland” arguement

Here is a great Business Week article on the design and the direction.

I like it a lot more then what Pepsi did.

I’ve seen those bottles in images for a while, but have yet to see one in person. Are they on the shelves?

Yo, Richard and I are all in agreement on this one. A+. I like how it mixes the tradition of the Coca-Cola script logo with the clean contemporary style of solid colors. Everyone could learn from this.

See Pepsi? This is how it’s done. Don’t spend all your money on Super Bowl commercials; instead take that money to a design firm and get a nice refresh. Tip of the hat to you Coke (and associated design/ad firm).

The truck graphics are amazing, and I really want to see one of the bottles in person. Who wants a Coke now? I do.

i agree, same with the mountain dew designer series bottles. i didnt exactly go out looking for them, but never saw any. i would buy a 6 pack of those bottles though and im not a huge coke fan.

Is it really true that aluminum bottles are less expensive to produce?

There are several beer bottles in aluminum - always more appealing than the usual cans or glass bottles…

I have not seen them in the store either. I have seen these cans though. I think the best part of this refresh is that they took everything that was not needed off the branding.


We have some of those Mountian Dew bottles here in the office. They are really cool.

Coca-Cola timed this perfect. They let Pepsi put out, in my opinion, one of the worst face-lifts to their brand that they could have possibly done by redoing branding, logos (3 different logos for 3 types of the same drink?), etc. Then Coca-Cola gave them a lesson on how simplicity, when executed correctly, is the most elegant form of design. You don’t always need lots of colors, or designs, or words for that matter.

A+ to Coca-Cola!!

If it weren’t for Code Red Mtn Dew, I would tell Pepsi quit the business but then I would start having withdrawals.

we in Chicago might be slightly biased to the ‘mexico import’ coke brand. It uses sugar cane instead of refined sugar.

That aluminum can with cool mat finish is dope.