Cokes new limited edition summer cans

Just found these pics of Cokes new Limited Edition summer cans. These look great!!! One more sign that Coke has it going on and kicking Pepsi’s A$$ in the branding dept. Enjoy!!!


Advertising and packaging wins.

I want to drink Coke every day this summer because these looks so incredible.

Coke wins.

I love it - now they’re just rubbing Pepsi’s face in it by constantly coming up with exciting presentations built around their logo. It’s their greatest asset.

I love the simplicity of it. Two colors, use of the logo, and a great sense of humor and fun. This is what brand identity is all about.

  • it is a timely and brand appropriate tie to Americana. There is an upsurge in Americana globally, Coke being an iconic piece of S history. All of of the graphics tie nicely: Weber grill, Aviator rims, American Flag, Beach Ball (not sure if that is American, but for sure I think of early 60’s beach movies)


Aside from the horrific effects of HFCS on our fragile human bodies, I really like these cans. Definitely put a smile on my face.

Should I feel bad for buying stuff because of how it tastes not what color the can is?

<—Pepsi Fanboy :laughing:

No. Even though I bash them, I still buy my Mountain Dew every morning. :laughing: I just think it is cool how Coke played with their branding in the past year.

Yes you should feel terrible about basing your choice on taste. I’d much rather drink something that looked cool in turn making me look cool.

Obviously I was just kidding. To each there own.

However, those cans are friggin awesome. Well done Coke!

PS. Coke taste the best anyways. Mmmmmmmmm…Enjoy!

Jack & COKE

Rum & COKE

Bourbon & COKE

Is there a drink with Pepsi as a mixer?

Heck, even 7up has the 7 & 7

whether you believe it or not, most of the times when things look better you think they taste better. Packaging is more that just a pretty container, it also creates an emotion with the consumer while they are using the product. Bad packaging creates and bad experience, where as good packaging creates an enjoyable and happy experience.

Bad packaging creates and bad experience, where as good packaging creates an enjoyable and happy experience.

Most of the time… .

We enjoy a product distributed by Trader Joe’s; Tempura Shrimp with Soy Dipping Sauce. It tastes every bit as good as the picture on the box leads you believe it would. It’s far better than I could ever make at home, and it’s ready to eat in about ten minutes.

There are ten pieces per box. Each shrimp is butterflied and impaled with a stick, dipped in batter, and protected in a compartmentalized Styrofoam tray, which is then shrink-wrapped; I have never encountered a single “broken” portion. There are two of these trays per box, and two PET pouches of dipping sauce are included. All in all, the packaging weighs as much as the food items.

I always feel bad after we’ve had it, and vow not to ever buy it again. But, of course, I do.

Such a quandary … enjoyable, but not happy.

So true. The only reason Pepsi won in the “Pepsi Challenge” is because they only gave a sip to taste-testers. When asked to drink a full glass, Coke was the clear winner. I think I read that in a Malcolm Gladwell book.

Plus Pepsi deserves to be punished with all their poor design choices lately.

Off topic, but made me think of the hotdogs at IKEA. Apparently they intended to give those away for free because they didn’t want customers to leave hungry as it is a negative mental state that would unconsciously associate a bad feeling with the shopping experience. Then of course they figured they could charge a bare minimum for those, and are now worlds largest seller of hotdogs. May very well be a marketing myth, but worth thinking about.

Haha, this is funny. About an hour ago I was driving past IKEA with some colleagues and we were lamenting at the fact that there furniture is often a let down, but then we ended on the upbeat note that they have dollar hot dogs at the check out!

Not to mention there Swedish meatballs and boysenberry ( or is it lingonberry) juice are the kill. SOO good.