Coffin Bag = Load of bull

Things like this really make me angry.

via: 'death bag' by vedang kulkarni + aakanksha rajhans iida awards 2010

When I see this, I think “that is a bag.” Apparently, due to the old school coffin-esque shape, I am supposed to be crying myself to sleep about the excessive use of plastic bags. The damn thing is even made from plastic.

Here is the designer’s description:

‘plastic is very convenient and is a durable material. however, this durability is turning into a curse.
a plastic bag takes more than 500 years to decompose. and during this period, we keep building up piles
of hundreds of thousands of newer plastic bags. while all of us know that we need to stop using plastic bags,
more often than not, convenience scores over common sense and awareness towards protecting the environment.
the idea behind the ‘death bag’ or the ‘coffin bag’ is to ring that awareness bell in an individual’s mind at that
precise moment when he or she is being offered a plastic bag in a store. the conventional plastic bag is shaped
in the form of a coffin by using origami folds. the bag aims to send a strong message to the user to not use it.
and honestly, how many of us would want to be seen carrying a plastic bag which looks like a mini coffin?
the shape and form of the bag should repulse an individual at the point of use and make a strong impression
on his or her mind about the ill effects of plastic.’

They’re selling the story, gimmicky stuff always sells its just the nature of the beast

It’s like when I see a movie with an anti-comercial undertone to the plot… and the people in the audience are like “yea, down with the man”… they SOLD you a movie people! It is hard to abstract the irony for most people though, the fact that this anti plastic message is made from plastic is just unbelievable… but hey, Banksky does a Simpson’s intro and now the world is a better place…

Yeah, just exactly who is their target market here? Dexter?

Dexter. Awesome.

I want a red coffin. It goes faster.

can they make mine with a carbon fibre pattern?

I thought that google for sure would show a result for a carbon fiber casket. Nothing. Not even a render. Someone has to jump on this.

I believe the concept is an origami fold to “transform” existing plastic bags into a coffin, but might as well just cut a hole in it so nobody can use it.

I have to say with it being the middle of October and all, plastic consumption is the furthest thing from my mind. this just reads as supper literal Halloween theme bag.

-but then you lose the shame you the user feels leaving the store as others scowl at them for ruining the planet and the visibility of the message…

If it is simply folding the bags, there might be SOME (albeit very small merit)

haha good point, certainly a bad time to launch given their position

Seriously, this is bad, but I can think of other designs where someone did a similar thing (proliferating the very thing they are supposedly fighting against and created a new product to do so) where there was no self awareness to it at all.

I recently walked by this store in Wichita, KS. They do custom coffins for people. I bet they could hook you up with a sleek carbon fiber coffin. I just shook my head and laughed as I walked by and saw some of their creations.