my name is Andrew Kelly. I am a third year industrial design major at Kendall College of Art and Design seeking a moment of your time. Below is a link to a survey in relation to my current housewares project: the coffee maker. All entries are anonymous, so in no way will you be judged as an individual. I truly appreciate your thought in this matter.

Andrew, I really didn’t like the fact that when choosing the most important aspect of my coffee maker there was NO reference to brew/coffee quality, I mean this is probably not an area you can touch on in your design, but still would be good to know if that’s the consumer’s focus.

The USBC’s were streaming the Western Regional live today, could be some good research.

Read this post about where coffee should be headed. Pay close attention to the processes discussed.

Intelligentsia is where it’s at!

In my opinion they are the best coffee company in the country.

Agreed. Got halfway through the survey and could see it was another case of asking random questions with no clear focus or real consideration of the topic so aborted it.

Where do people get the idea that a random survey will help?

How can you ask about coffee makers and not ask about coffee? Shouldn’t that be more important than if I live in a condo?