Coffee Table Leg Parts/Component Provider

I have been working on a one-off coffee table design. I started to receive quotes for the table legs that I have designed and have experienced some sticker shock. While I would like to have these custom legs fabricated, I am starting to wonder if it is worth the price.

The coffee table-top is very unique by itself, and could likey work well with a more generic set of off-the-shelf coffee table legs.

I have searched online for retailers of furniture components and have not been able to find many coffee table leg manufacturers that are not located in China. I have no problem if the leg is manufactured in China, but I would rather deal with a domestic retailer since I am only planning to build one table. So far I have only come across Mockett, which seems to have a great selection and captures the aesthetic I am trying to achieve, but I am not finding a table leg length that will work for this project.

Can anyone else recommend a furniture component group that I might consider?

Mockett would have been my first suggestion. Did you look at

If the supplier is in China, you could still theoretically order from them, though you would need to look like a business. You need to explain (briefly) that this is for a design sample (in other words, that there will be future orders). They might charge you sample pricing which is usually two or three times the normal price.

I’ve purchased some legs from this guy before - he’s great. Custom makes the legs to order, if it’s the look you’re going for:

Or how about some casters rather than legs?

Thanks for the replies.

I didn’t come across tablelegsonline when I was searching around.

Hairpinlegs looks like a great alternative.

I knew I came to the right place to ask for help.

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Here’s another one: