Coffee Table, cherry and aluminum

Hey y’all. Time for fabricator show and tell. I made a cherry and aluminum coffee table that was recently part of an art show(my first one). It’d be great to hear your opinions since I read these boards a lot and know there’s a lot of top notch designers and students on here. Right now I’m trying to find a place for the table in a consignment gallery. If you have any questions on how it went together or the travails of cracking the art scene please ask. You can see more pics and other projects at

I’m curious, you mention “consignment”… what is the artist/dealer ratio that you are working with; 50-50, 40-60, etc. I’ve currently noticed a shift toward the artist receiving less than 50%. Traditionally, it has been weighted the other direction.

Traverse City… . . +2 I used to spend summers as a kid over in Benzonia/Beulah/Glen Lake/Sleeping Bear/Leelanau area… …

Fortunately it’s still 50/50 or better here. There’s also the situation where you have to pay member dues annually to the gallery, but it’s reasonable and the split is more favorable.

Traverse City is pretty awesome in the summer time, so is the Leelanau peninsula:)

what an art it is for Coffee Table, cherry and aluminum…its a great creative work thanks dude. :slight_smile:
Noguchi coffee table

I cant see photos and your website is not loading. Is it just me?

No, it’s not just you. If you check the post date you will notice that the post is over two years old. The website is no longer in existence.