Coffee maker recommendation?

2-3 people? That’s barely enough for me alone…

SCA has a good list of home brewers, I would say the Technivorm is the best however I take the point that it isn’t the most visually appealing.

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Just search. Thanks.

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On a related topic;

Never trust a listicle with referral links to purchase

still haven’t pulled the trigger on a coffee maker. I got a Chemex as a stop gap…

I’m fluctuating between that OXO unit as well as this SMEG one, and surprisingly Williams Sonoma has a 12 cup house brand one that looks really cool. I need to try to find some reviews and play with it in the store. It reminds me a bit of that Jasper Morrison coffee maker from a few years back (vaguely).

SMEG one looks like one of your sketches. :wink:

WS looks pretty cool.

It’s so hard finding basic stuff like this, huh? I wish there was a Designer Review site or something. Searching for reviews usually just gives you mainstream junk like Consumers Reports picking the best available at Walmart and low end stuff or bloggers with affiliate links to things available on Amazon. I want hands on on higher end/more rare products with some actual design POV. Wirecutter and others I know are supposed to be exactly that but find the selections pretty pedestrian.


Wire cutter did have a good review of that OXO one.

The SMEG got me when I saw it in Crate & Barrel over the weekend. It looks a little too cute online but in person I liked it. It does have a friendly yet futuristic feel that I like to sketch with :slight_smile:

I think a designer review blog would be great. I could see you or I doing that Richard!

Design Snob PDX

I’m ripping off Bike Snob NYC. He started anonymous making fun of road-bike elitism and giving practical advice about the culture. He’s gotten a bit preachy in the later years, but cutting through the BS of the industry with a dry humor makes for a good read.

PDX Design Snob
Leave your hipster elk antler handled knife at home


Ha thanks for opening my world to this blog.

The Williams Sonota one is cool. The SMEG does look kind of ‘space-age’, though I’ve seen a few of their cookware products fail pretty quickly so I wouldn’t be too confident of the build quality.

Hilarious :slight_smile:

Technivorm has a model for you NURB.
The thought of this corporate-sized coffee machine…just look at it…a wonder to behold. Its like being in a funny car waiting for the Christmas tree lights to go out.

New Technivorm Model 68. Look at the water reservoir. It looks like an airport control tower designed by Eero Saarinen. Just get this already.

If I didn’t have a Rancillio espresso maker already I’d buy that moccamaster for sure!


Ratio coffee brewer makes pour over quality coffee that’s as good as it looks (pretty pricey for what you’re getting though imo)

What purpose does that wood beam serve? Other than as an abstracted \ (divide, i.e. ratio) element?