Coffee maker recommendation?

Hey c77 crew. I’m looking for a new coffee maker and thought I’d throw it out here to see if any of my other coffee lovers have a good recommendation. The problem is (or the parameters are) I’m looking for something nicely designed that can make 8-12 good cups of coffee at a time (so, yah, all those hipster glass pour over things are out). Any thoughts?

I’ve already gone past the point of being annoying to this Forum about how awesome the Technivorm Moccamaster is.
Its almost anti-design in its simplicity and form. Looks more like lab equipment. Has worked flawlessly for 10+ years.

Moccamaster is the only one I’ve ever seen that isn’t terrible.

Or perhaps you can find a new in box old Braun one from before they turned ugly. I’m assuming you are looking for a quicky machine for the Studio, not a real espresso machine? Or god forbid one of those pod things?

braun Aeromaster

even better but really hard to find (I had a non working one but sold it).
braun KF21


I had one of those Aeromasters in college… wish I kept it. Yah, a decent size coffee maker for when people visit the studio. I’m thinking of having a monthly coffee talk session in the studio that is semi invite only.

And yah, definitely no friggin pods!

I dunno man, that thing looks like a bit of a science project! :slight_smile:

It absolutely is. I wish Technivorm found a way around using any plastic at all. It pulls 1400 watts and my lights dim slightly when I flip the switch. The heating elements are copper which makes the water go to brewing temperature in 10 seconds. The brewing cycle keeps the water at the correct temperature and finishes brewing a pot in six minutes. No heating plate means no burnt taste or hard-to-clean parts. If the thing ever breaks you can get replacement parts and fix it yourself. My only functional complaint is that the hole which controls the flow of coffee from the brew basket sometimes gets clogged. If you need more design cred, you can say its hand built in the Netherlands, home of Philips, OMA, and Droog.

Alright, I’ll think about that one. You make a good case for it :slight_smile:

For drip, we like the Breville Precision. Timer feature is invaluable.

For your fancy coffee, Rocket Giotto.

Nice teapot and a Chemex…

Or for full coffee nerd pretentiousness… a Yama Syhphon!

We had one of those Braun’s when I was a kid. Lasted for years… kind of wish I had one of those now.

Whoa… definitely my next coffee maker.

I should have thought to check Breville. We have had a few of their products. We really like their immersion blender and electric tea kettle… we had a blender for a bit. It worked great but the plastic carafe stained easily and the metal finish (it is a cast base with some kind of metal foil applied) bubbles and flaked on both units. We replaced it with e Braun (made by Delonghi… it also had some problems, and they have terrible customer service compared to Breville, but the replacement unit we final got has been working great and it has a glass jug).

Anyone tried these Oxo ones?

Here’s a video comparing the Technivorm and Breville

Didn’t we have a testy thread on this a few years ago? I still love our Senseo (with reusable pods & ground dunkin donuts coffee) :slight_smile:

2 strikes Scott! :slight_smile:

No pods
No Dunkin

There was an old thread but I couldn’t dig it up. Besides I thought there might be some new info.

One of my local coffee shops actually had the Moccamaster in stock. The design is just not there for me. I think we are going to try the Breville.

I’m being ecologically responsible AND runnin’ on dunkin’ :stuck_out_tongue:

What about this thing?


That’s quite nice, especially at $300 off! I’d like to understand how the water was filled (the video cut that off), and how the water travels down, then up to reach the brew basket. I’d be surprised if there’s not some thermal loss in that long pathway. Nice details like the selector ring and start button, looks cleanable. The power cord is artfully hidden in the video and that’s a complaint about the Technivorm, as its a thick fat cord that’s longer than necessary for counter top placement.

It looks good. Simple and clean, and the brush finish won’t show as many fingerprints or spot marks.

Thats a good point about the water container. It’s very tall and unless you have a reasonably high tap it might be a pain to fill up.

This might be my own bias, but IMO once you get to the point of going drip - theres not a tremendous I’ve seen over the machines I’ve used. I can get a good cup out of my Cusinart 14 cup.

For me the biggest challenge is making sure it’s easy enough to clean up and use. The rest of the way I use RO filtered water, a good grinder and good beans and I never have any complaints about the cups it brews.

I also have my Aero press for my daily cups and my Yama Siphon when I want to show off, but that only does 5 cups (which is just enough for 2-3 people) and cleanup takes a lot longer.