coffee and library for designers, ideas for a kickass shop!

:blush: Hi, well first I`m an industrial designer from Colombia… south america… I love coffee, yeah I know! books and music.

It is hard to find any place where designers, artists, architects and any other people who cares about our stuff can go have some coffee, look for new books, buy them, maybe some cds too (not all the music, just some type like chill out, bossa nova, some rock and stuff).

I want to open a store in my country, the things I do want to offer as you can see are, coffee, music, books, and some other services designers and the people I told you could use.

What I need from you guys around the world is to give me some ideas of what you would LOVE to find in this place, you have a project and you are mind blocked so you come and have some coffee and skecth for a while… or you are looking for some books about aesthetics or design philosophy or just a product design book, so you come to the store, look for the book or magazines, if you feel like it well you stay, drink some coffee and read for a while… Or if you want to listen to a CD and then buy it…

PLEASE!! i wand a very simple but really nice and cozy (is it how you write it?) place… give me IDEAS… off curse all of you can use the ideas for a bussiness in your city!!!

ok… for all the help you can give me… THANKS!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I’m surprised no one has responded.

I like your idea. How far have you gotten with your planning? Is this just an idea, or something you are really going to do?

Hi Rusty Nail,
weel, at the time is an idea, but I hope I can make it come true, I have to find someone who wants to invest with me on the project.

I´m surprised too, I hope to find some comments, advices and stuff so I can go forward with the idea really soon! I have to get the money first!

see ya, and post your ideas too!

I think that it’s a great idea. I like the idea of it being more of a library/coffe shop, where people can come and get a cup of coffee and some inspiration. I think retailing books and cd’s means people can’t really delve into them unless they are buying. You could have copies of the books for browsing, and then shrink wrapped copies for purchasing? I just think that I would not go into a barnes and noble and delve into a book because I wouldn’t want to bend it up, etc. Otherwise, I don’t know what other inspiration and ideas you need. It is a great concept in itself.

I think it sounds like a great idea. You also may want to consider a portion of the sf to display and sell designer products. It is always great to visit a store that features the latest innovative product realeases. It can be a big boost to get the creative juices flowing to see items like that first hand rather than in a magazine.

this would be great… I want one in my neighborhood!

hehehe, thanks guys! I`m glad you like the idea, and thanks for all your posts!

I`ll tell you when I start my business.

I have some idea’s… / Cool book links:

Books that can help you!:
Living modern:

ISBN 0811833593


ISBN 0811826538

Why i like pad → It’s design but it’s cheap! all stuff you find around you … AND COOL :smiley:

Design is:

ISBN 156898314X



Cool sounds: !!! check out the new cd

Live streaming channels

Ipod integration? Click in ipod and play your new tune’s…


SENSEO!!! :smiley: coffea
Lot’s of light

Coool! Have to see those books