Coded my website…finally

This was a long time coming, but I finally got my head into the game and did something about a portfolio website.

I’d like to hear what this forum has to think about it. It was the first time I made a website since computer class in middle school, so I’m not expecting anyone to be impressed by it. Rather, I would like to know if it’s professional looking, appropriate for giving to companies, and communicates my personality of being detail-oriented, skilled, logical, creative, and friendly.


P.S. Here’s an alternative website based around a custom template my cousin and I worked on (mostly my cousin doing things with EE). It’s a different look and not completed with copy, but has some different mechanics.

Some of your images have issues in Firefox.

Splash page may be a bit too minimalistic.

I think maybe a sub-title under your name on the first page about what you do, in a really short, succinct sentence, would be a nice touch.

Would anyone know why my jQuery slideshow doesn’t work the first time through in Firefox? When you reload the page it displays fine. I also seem to be having difficulty with getting my TypeKit to load in Firefox.

Suggestion: Maybe just use a Wordpress or Blogger template to make things easier? Virtually no coding skills required and some very nice templates to choose from.

I would suggest allowing the user to view all the images from a project at once. It’s much less tedious to scroll down a page than click for each new image.

Thanks for the suggestion, but templates are templates (sure I could edit it). I already have a tumblr for my process work (I used a very nice template). I did it this way so that it would be my code and design.

Your main site crashed my mobile safari browser and before it did I didnt see any pics only a column of text. The other site I also only saw a column of text. No pics = no look.


One the home pages maybe replace the column or text with an image rollover link to your projects? Would make it easier for people looking quickly.

I used blogger for mine, and it was still my code and design (it does the job, gets a lot of hits and gets my work on websites and got me my current job!)

I agree with the above, I think you should at least have one image on your splash page. Right now it seems like it is not loading right… But there is just nothing there!

I’d put all the photography on a different page.

I don’t understand all of the work. The hand tools don’t seem much like hand tools, more like sculptures, which is fine, but let’s not pretend they are tools then.

You have so little information on your work, why include the location? Seems random.

You are obviously a fantastic craftsman, what kind of designer do you want to be? How do you envision your career? Where do you see yourself working?

I’m with everyone else. Something to grab my interest initially.

Your sense of form is amazing. I really like the power slug and the coffee table. WOAH and WOAH.

Keep it up, but bring more personality into it. (Again, agreeing with the others).


I made changes! I put a slideshow that allows you to access the projects visually as well as the list verbally.

So far the problems I’m facing:

-Seems to only work in Chrome/Safari
-Needs navigation for previous/next project
-Has no About Me
-The position: fixed; slideshow makes for some weird layout for different sized browser windows.